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Empire Covers: The Psychology of Car Color

There seems to be a psychology behind everything these days. An astrological sign, a dream, a favorite food- all things that can express your different personality traits. So what does your car color say about you?


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Black: What do stylist Rachel Zoe, actress Sandra Bullock, (source) and our Empire co-worker Claire have in common? They all drive black cars. The color  black, while technically not being a color, symbolizes sophistication. Individuals that are drawn to the color black are usually sleek, stylish and powerful. Chanel, the popular fashion brand, is known for it’s frequent use of black in dresses, jewelry and shoes. People who love the color black are often complicated souls, and enjoy learning new things, and traveling to new places.

White: White, known as the purest of colors, is opposite of black, visually and psychologically. People drawn to white cars are often pure, forgiving and kind. Actress January Jones, Steeler’s wide receiver Heinz Ward (source), and Empire’s very own Robert and Jake drive white vehicles. In western civilization, brides wear white on their wedding day to depict innocence, while in eastern countries such as China, it’s worn at funerals. People who love the color white are likely to prefer simple, uncomplicated lives.

Silver/Gray: Drivers that choose silver or gray for their cars are classy, even-tempered, and fair. Hairdresser Vidal Sassoon, actress Reese Witherspoon, and actor Elijah Wood all drive gray or silver cars. Also a symbol of intellect, it’s no surprise that a majority of the EmpireCovers.com office drive gray or silver automobiles.  While a somewhat dull color, silver/gray has many variations that are used in jewelry. People who love the color gray tend to be passionate about their work, and are extremely responsible.

Red: Those who choose red cars are most likely enthusiastic and trusting. Actress Kate Walsh and singer Lily Allen both drive red cars. Although red car drivers tend to be extremely passionate, they may also have intense personalities. In popular culture, red is frequently used to express love and anger, and is a popular color choice for various lucrative brands and sports teams. People who love the color red are likely strong-willed and fiercely independent.

Orange: It makes sense that people with orange cars are fun, creative, and outgoing.  Justin Bieber and John Mayer, American singers, drive bold orange cars (source). Individuals who choose bright orange hues for their cars have spunky, larger than life character traits.  The color orange is used frequently during Halloween because of the fall seasonality of pumpkins. People who love the color orange are often unpredictable, and tend to change their minds frequently. However, they also go the extra mile when it counts.


Yellow/Gold: Yellow is a happy color- likely the reason smiley faces are made with yellow circles. Basketball superstar Michael Jordan, fictional literary character Jay Gatsby, and rapper Tyga (source, source) all epitomize what yellow car drivers are- positive, successful and noble. While red is the most attractive of the colors, yellow is the most difficult color to look at, causing your eyes to strain. People who love the color yellow are often daydreamers and crave independence in their daily lives.

Brown/Tan: Somewhat controversial celebrities Lana del Rey and Jeremy Piven both drive neutral brown or tan cars. That’s why it’s so surprising what the color brown symbolizes- dependability and practicality. People who drive brown cars are also known to be levelheaded and easygoing- which is the complete opposite of Jeremy Piven’s alter ego, “Ari Gold” on HBO’s Entourage. Individuals who love the color brown often are traditional, and dislike change, as easygoing as they are.

Green: Green car drivers Brad Garrett and Arnold Swcharzenegger are very well-known for their bold roles on television and film. It’s hard to say for sure, but it’s likely that these two are calm, confident yet cautious in person. Most green car drivers are quite well-rounded, and work well under pressure. The color green is commonly known for it’s appearance in nature, along with neutral browns. People who love the color green tend to have great personalities, and are quite popular amongst their peers.

Blue: Ed Hardy creator Christian Audigier and rapper 50 Cent, both flashy yet extremely wealthy, own blue cars. Empire’s very own Melissa and Rachel both drive blue cars. Individuals who choose blue cars are very likely loyal, wise, and extremely self-aware. The color blue is a complex, versatile color that has been used frequently throughout history and modern times in art, decor, and clothing. People who love the color blue are often sensitive, but in the long run, very patient.

Purple: Songwriter and X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos, as well as Brandon Phillips, the 2nd baseman for the Cincinnati Reds, drive purple cars (source). Purple, a less popular choice for automobiles because of it’s bold, dark undertones, symbolizes luxury and patience. Purple is also known to be majestic and regal color, a popular with royalty and influential historical figures like Alexander the Great. People who love purple tend to prefer leadership roles, and are usually considered to be very funny.

Pink: It’s not surprising that female superstars Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry all have pink cars. While it’s known as a feminine color in most cultures, in some eastern countries, pink is a masculine color. Pink also symbolizes positivity and tranquility, and pink car owners are often friendly and cheerful. People who love the color pink often crave affection and love from their peers, and may have more maternal instincts.

 What color is your car?

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