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Resolve to Protect Your Investment

It's around this time of year that we start thinking about things we can do differently. Whether it's to eat more healthily (that is EVERYONE's resolution, isn't it?), travel more, spend more time with family - it's powerful to feel like you have the chance to start fresh. I typically start every year by purging my closet, taking out things I haven't worn in a year, or things that don't quite fit, and donating them.   Another thing I'm resolving to do this year is to be kinder to my vehicle.

I spend more time in my Jeep lately than I had in years, partially due to a longer commute. Before, it collected junk. Trash, dog toys, half-consumed bottles of water, and an entire dog's worth of hair...it was truly a wreck. With the warm weather right around Christmas-time, I cleaned it. And I used some Pinterest tips I found to really detail it. Who knew that a pumice stone would so effectively remove dog hair from my upholstery?( Seriously, you have to try it.) I own it - it's my Jeep - and some repairs that I have been putting off will likely now happen in the New Year. 

One of the easiest ways you can "pamper" your vehicle is to cover it.  I put an American Armor cover on my Jeep when she's not driving on the PA Turnpike. It's made of Tyvek, so the cover is tough and waterproof and has a 10-year warranty. 

RVs, especially those that have to winter through snow, ice, and rain, would definitely benefit from a cover.  If you spent a lot of money on your new RV, or want to keep a vintage RV looking great, consider an RV cover. Even in areas with great winter weather, a cover protects your RV when not in use from bird droppings, dust and dirt.  Our ProTECHtor cover is water-resistant (not water-proof), so it's better suited if your RV is under a carport or garage, or in areas where winter weather isn't as much of a problem. Anyone that lives in the snow zone would benefit from our heavier Premier waterproof cover. 

For so many of us, our motorcycle, car, ATV, or boat is a source of immense pleasure - whether it's relaxation, excitement, or a vehicle that gets you on the open road again. Take the steps to honor the importance of that piece of your life and protect it! 

Merry Imperfect Christmas

It seems - as I've suddenly become a middle-aged person - that Christmas has become a competition to see who does it best. Pinterest photos with decorating ideas, creative baked goods, and holiday veggie platters fashioned into a wreath are fun to look at, but tend to make me feel like my normal, artfully-arranged veggie plate isn't quite good enough. Now please don't get me wrong - I love looking at the pretty pictures on Pinterest, and I love sharing them with our followers, but I will not allow those pretty pictures to make me feel like my Christmas is insufficient.

When did it become the norm to have a Gingerbread Dream House? Extra lights for a pre-lit tree? When did it become a requirement to coordinate gift wrap?

I have two stepdaughters, who are little - 6 and 7 - and this year, even though they're not at our house every day, we didn't have a chance to put lights up on the house. We put candles in the window and set up the tree (pre-lit, for convenience), and it looks gorgeous, but we never got around to getting decorations outside. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that the Thanksgiving wreath is still hanging on the door.  In the last month, we've had work, and commuting, birthday parties (for one of the girls), two stomach bugs, church choir practice, band practice, and we've been killing off fish in our fish tank faster than I can type.  When i write all out, it seems like small miracle that I managed to buy Christmas presents for everyone, have prepared to host Christmas dinner, or ordered cards (that are being mailed out today). 

To me, the best part of Christmas is the imperfection. The ornaments hung (by the girls) in a clump on the tree. The hand-cut paper snowflakes in the window, the slightly bulky and over-taped gift wrap because the girls wanted to wrap things themselves. The cookies that might be a little too crisp but that were made and decorated with joy.  Christmas, to me, is best celebrated with hand-drawn cards, thoughtful gifts and family. 

So, may you breathe easy, not worry if you don't make apple-berry French toast for Christmas breakfast, and enjoy all those little, shining moments. 

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We'll Cover Everything! Star Wars Edition

We have quite a few Star Wars fans here at EmpireCovers.  Yes, our name is EmpireCovers, but we don't align ourselves with the evil empire in Star Wars. We just want to protect vehicles. Here are our recommendations for covers for some of Star Wars' famous vehicles. 

1) The AT-ATs on Planet Hoth

Planet Hoth, an ice planet, sees blinding snow and high winds. Both conditions are no match for our American Armor covers, which are 100% waterproof Tyvek built to withstand tough weather. 

2) A Landcruiser on Planet Tatooine

Planet Tatooine, a desert planet, also has frequent windstorms, hot desert sun and lots of sand.  The Titan Desert Shield is designed to provide maximum UV protection.  A Titan Desert Shield would keep sand from getting inside the Landcruiser (which any droid would hate) and would keep the interior cool for when someone had to make a quick getaway.


3) The Death Star

Perhaps if the Death Star had a Titan 5L Cover on, it would have been impenetrable by rebel forces.  Or maybe not. In any case, it would have been protected from space weather with our 7-year warranty.

4) R2-D2 Anywhere

Poor little R2-D2, always getting dragged along into adventures in various atmospheres. Swampy Dagobah, sandy Tatooine, and unstable Naboo.  R2 is one tough droid, having survived quite a bit. Perhaps he would have had a little less maintenance if he was equipped with a stretch Titan Indoor cover.  It may have at least kept him dust-free!

5) With the Millenium Falcon being a little beat up and pieced together from scrap, it doesn't mean it shouldn't have a good cover to protect from space dust. Maintaining the exterior may help the good old Falcon make its next Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs.  

A Titan 3L Basic Cover would allow it to enjoy waterproof protection at a great price.