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BassMaster Pro, Brandon Card, Reviews EmpireCovers Bionic Boat Cover

Professional Angler, Brandon Card, shows how easy and effective the EmpireCovers Bionic boat cover is.

In the video, Card puts on the cover by himself and talks about the benefits of a Bionic boat cover. He also takes the boat on the interstate to show the cover can withstand the speed and wind.

The Bionic boat cover is the first high performance boat cover made from eco-yarn. It protects your boat and the environment. The Bionic boat cover is exclusive to EmpireCovers. It’s outer layer is made from BIONIC ® Ripstop, which is extremely durable and prevents tears. It also has a UV Resistant finish and is 100% waterproof. The microfiber fleece lining is soft and will not scratch your boat.

This durable boat cover also comes with a buckle and strap system for security and trailerability. The venting system allowed for added breathability while trailering. Whether you’re taking your boat to a local fishing hole or across the state, the Bionic cover will keep your boat protected.

EmpireCovers was Card’s first sponsor as a bass fishing pro. We’re happy to continue the sponsorship into the new year!

EmpireCovers Founder & CEO Featured In SmartCEO Philadelphia

EmpireCovers is growing at a rapid pace. The success of the nation’s best car cover company isn’t going unnoticed. SmartCEO Philadelphia recognized Jake Goldblum, Founder and CEO of EmpireCovers, as one of the best CEOs in the area. In the November 2013 Edition, Goldblum discusses the advantages and obstacles in the eCommerce industry.

Goldblum believes that utilizing Google Analytics (and analytics in general) is a huge advantage in eCommerce. The EmpireCovers team loves online marketing because the metrics are so much better than its traditional counterpart. Not all online marketing is created equal. He also discusses the lack of ROI on social media. Check out his full excerpt on the right.

EmpireCovers has specialized in high-quality protective vehicle covers since 2004. The work ethic of Goldblum and his team has grown EmpireCovers to be the number one car cover company in the United States.

EmpireCovers CEO Jake Goldblum

Hybrid vs 100% Electric Cars: High Tech, Low Impact

Going green has been a trending topic in the automotive industry. From car share programs to taking public transportation, there are so many ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Should you make the switch to electric or transition to a hybrid vehicle?

The automotive industry’s shift toward electric isn’t a fad. It is here to stay and it seems early adopters couldn’t be happier. EmpireCovers interviewed Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf owners to see what all the hype is about.

EmpireCovers Electric Car

The Chevrolet Volt is a hybrid electric car. Because it runs on gas and electricity, it has an internal combustion engine. Depending on the conditions, drivers can go up to 40 miles using electric. After that, the engine switches to gas. The gas is also used to charge the electric battery, making the MPG higher.

Matt Schmidt, Volt owner since October 2012, said over 75% of his car’s mileage is electric. Schmidt upgraded from a 2003 Oldsmobile Alero and hasn’t looked back since.

“I’m very pleased with the Volt,” said Schmidt. “Most of the gasoline miles came via trips of 1,000 and 1,200 miles and the car performed without incident in both cases. Except for a change in sound, there is no difference when driving powered by gasoline or the batteries. I’d gladly purchase another Volt, if needed. I just wish there were more charging stations available throughout the U.S.”

Dustin Floyd and his wife traded their 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser and 1988 Toyota Camry to purchase the Volt and become a one-car household. Floyd notes that most of the Volt’s mileage comes from electric, but road trips have resulted in more gas usage.

When asked about the biggest difference between his Volt and previous vehicles, Floyd said, “Maintenance costs are much lower. I’ve been driving my Volt for five months, and the car tells me (which in itself is pretty cool) that I have 75% of my oil life remaining. Since we’ve been averaging nearly 70 miles to the gallon, we spend very little on gas. And while I had some problems with fluid leaks and tires on our last cars, this one is warrantied for the next few years, so I expect to have very little out-of-pocket expenses.“

The Nissan Leaf is a fully electric vehicle. It has no internal combustion engine, meaning no more CO2 emissions or oil changes. The Leaf’s electric range is about 75 miles. Because it is 100% electric, once the battery is gone, it’s gone.

Nissan Leaf owner and co-founder of Web2Carz, Ben Wallach, enjoys being behind the wheel of his Nissan Leaf. With over 7,200 miles in almost two years, he has not run out of power, yet.

“The silence, smooth ride, and acceleration when desired, are all quite impressive,” explained Wallach. “I charge at my home garage charger every few days as necessary and have no need for gas stations any more.”

Less maintenance appears to be a main benefit to convert to a hybrid electric or fully electric vehicle.  When you’re protecting the environment it’s important to also protect your vehicle. EmpireCovers offers a wide variety of vehicle covers to protect your investment. Check out the EmpireCovers Chevy Volt car cover in action.

Do you have a hybrid electric or fully electric car? We’d love to hear from you! What is the biggest difference you’ve noticed in your electric car from your previous gas powered vehicle?

EmpireCovers & ClassicCars.com Thanksgiving Photo Contest

EmpireCovers and ClassicCars.com have teamed up to protect and show off your car!


One lucky entrant will win a prize package totaling over $750! Prizes include:

  • EmpireCovers American Armor Car Cover ($339.99 value)!
  • Premium Vehicle Listing on ClassicCars.com ($114.98 value)!
  • Road-Ready Inspection Package for Buyers from Road-Ready Certified ($297 value)!


In order to win, you first have to enter! Fans of EmpireCovers and ClassicCars.com can enter using these simple steps:


It’s that easy! The picture with the most votes by November 28 at 11:59pm will win the awesome classic car prize pack!

Please note: Each fan is allowed one vote per day. The contest administrators will adjust the vote counts at any point in the competition to discount votes from registrants who use fake accounts. Those who are caught cheating by manipulating the votes or using fake accounts will be disqualified from the competition.

*Entrants must be in the photo with their vehicle to win.

EmpireCovers Donates Money For The PSPCA Pet Photo Contest

For the month of November, EmpireCovers is hosting the PSPCA Pet Photo Contest. Facebook fans of EmpireCovers are encouraged to submit pictures of their pet in or around their vehicle.


To enter the pet photo contest, visit the EmpireCovers PSPCA Pet Photo Contest page. The picture with the most votes will receive a free EmpireCovers car cover. The winner of the pet photo contest will be announced December 2, 2013. The best part is EmpireCovers will donate $1 for every vote to the PSPCA (up to $250).  All entrants and voters will also receive a 30% off coupon code to shop at EmpireCovers where 5% of their order will be donated directly to the PSPCA (unlimited). Please note that you must enter the code during checkout! The coupon code is valid until December 31, 2013.

Our goal is to raise awareness to the happiness pets bring to families, but also to the potential happiness the animals at the PSPCA can bring to adoptive families. EmpireCovers is no stranger to animals. The ferocious bark of a Labordoodle and Border Collie can be heard at times at EmpireCovers.  While we never have customers in our office, our customer service team is always asked if we have office dogs, especially when the mailman comes in. Our office dogs definitely have more bark than bite.

Meet EmpireCovers office dogs are Zoey, Wex and Chibi. Zoey is a fun loving Labordoodle, Wex is a protective Border Collie and Chibi is an adorable little Yorkie.

EmpireCovers Dogs

Zoey will be your best friend, even if she’s just met you. She actually sat with one employee during her interview at EmpireCovers. Zoey is quirky and often referred to as an oversized teddy bear. Wex, on the other hand, takes a while to warm up to you. All new employees are debriefed before they are introduced to Wex. Don’t reach out for her. Play ball with her and she’ll warm up to you. She’s a big sweetheart once she gets to know you. Chibi may be small but she has a huge personality. This little free spirit can be found by her mom’s side or on the laps of one of the employees. She is the newest addition to the EmpireCovers dog family, but she’s already stole our hearts.

EmpireCovers Auto Buzz: Automotive Protection & Safety

EmpireCovers hosted its first Google Hangout On Air, EmpireCovers Auto Buzz: Automotive Protection & Safety. The guest speakers discussed topics from autonomous cars, car covers, safety trends, cheap vs inexpensive vehicles and more.


The automotive experts at the Hangout were: Dave, EmpireCovers Returns Manager, Michelle Naranjo, Editor-in-Chief at AutoBytel, and Steven Mueller, owner of Six Speed and Caffeine.

Dave discusses when EmpireCovers sent an engineer to St. Thomas for a week to test out EmpireCovers car covers. He also gives a great Arnold Schwarzenegger impression at one point. Zoey, the EmpireCovers Labordoodle, makes a cameo appearance throughout the video.

Michelle discussed AutoBytel’s Top Value series of articles, focusing on Cheap vs. Inexpensive and A Beast Bang for Your Buck. We also learned that Michelle is a fellow dog lover!

Steven discussed autonomous cars and their role in potentially eliminating traffic delays and accidents. He also discussed the effects these driverless cars could have on automotive enthusiasts.

To see everything these automotive experts talked about, watch EmpireCovers Auto Buzz below!

EmpireCovers Hosts Surprise Baby Shower For Managers

The EmpireCovers team is growing in more ways than one. The wives of two EmpireCovers managers are expecting. While we’ve shared stories and given advice, we wanted to celebrate this exciting time, so we threw a surprise baby shower.

It was a fun day, as employees filled the conference room to celebrate this joyous time. Pink filled the masculine blue office and green conference table. Scott Shemtov, eCommerce Web Manager and wife, Ali, are expecting a little girl next month. Robert Brous, SEM Manager, and wife, Jude, are also expecting a little girl in January.

EmpireCovers Scott Robert

Throwing the surprise shower was a team effort as CEO Jake Goldblum distracted the expectant fathers. The women of EmpireCovers decorated the conference room. The looks on their faces made the weeks of secret planning with it.

EmpireCovers is in the middle of a branding campaign, which is an exciting time around the office. It only felt right to brand the baby shower! Each dad-to-be received a diaper cake, bibs, onesies and a blanket; all with custom pink EmpireCovers logos. The marble cake was topped with the logo, too.

EmpireCovers Baby Shower

Voting For EmpireCovers Halloween Car Cover Contest

One Philadelphia area student will be crowned the winner of EmpireCovers Halloween Car Cover Contest and walk away with $1000!

In order for that to happen, the students need you to vote! One randomly selected voter will win a Titan 5L Ultimate Waterproof Car Cover for their vehicle.


To vote:

  1. Go To EmpireCovers Halloween Car Cover Contest
  2. Like the EmpireCovers Facebook page
  3. Vote for your favorite

If you follow these easy steps, you’re automatically entered to win a car cover! You can vote daily, so every day you vote means another entry to win! Voting takes place Oct. 22-31!

Students from Jenkintown High School, Eastern Center for Arts and Technology, Drexel University, Hussian School of Art and The University of The Arts are all competing for the $1,000 grand prize. A first runner-up and second runner-up prize of $500 and $250, respectively, will be also be awarded to the students.

Help these hard working students win a big cash prize, and get yourself a premium car cover in the process!

The winners will be announced on November 1!

Speakers Wanted For EmpireCovers Auto Buzz Google Hangout On Air


EmpireCovers is hosting a Google Hangout and looking for automotive professionals to share their expertise. The Hangout is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct 30 at 2:00 p.m. EST, entitled “EmpireCovers Auto Buzz”. Experts will discuss automotive protection products, safety trends and news in the automotive industry.

The Hangout will be moderated by Dave Cloonan, Returns Manager at EmpireCovers, and Courtney Iovanovich, Public Relations Specialist at EmpireCovers. As a company servicing the United States and Canada, EmpireCovers uses innovative solutions to provide high quality protective covers in the automotive industry.

As a leader in the automotive protection industry, EmpireCovers will cover interesting testing and methodology used to ensure our covers deliver unsurpassed protection to the vehicles they cover. If your company goes above and beyond to ensure its customers receive the best safety and protection, let us know for a chance to be one of the featured speakers at EmpireCovers Auto Buzz. We are also interested in hearing from journalists and bloggers who have noticed safety trends of consumer products in the automotive industry. A wide variety of automotive topics will be covered during the show, so no niche or story is too small.

After the featured speakers are finished, a Q&A session will be open to all attendees. EmpireCovers is giving away an Titan 5L Waterproof Car Cover to the guest with the best automotive-related question.

Automotive experts and journalists interested in speaking are encouraged to contact Courtney via email at Courtney@EmpireCovers.com or phone at (267) 287-8285.

If you’re interested in listening in, please RSVP on the EmpireCovers Google event page. To submit a question to the chat, add your question to the event page or tweet us @EmpireCovers with the hashtag #ECAutoBuzz.

EmpireCovers Releases Car Cover Commercial

EmpireCovers has been a leader in the vehicle protection industry since 2004. Social media and innovative advertising strategies have further set us apart from the competition. In a press release on Tuesday, we released our first commercial.

Watch as a jealous man uses black magic in attempts to destroy his neighbor’s property. Supernatural powers are no match for EmpireCovers. See EmpireCovers protective covers in action; a car cover protects a Camaro SSRS from water, a motorcycle cover protects a Harley Davidson from snow, a grill cover protects a grill from UV rays, and a carport protects a dog from a meteoroid.

The nearly two-minute video comedically highlights some of EmpireCovers products, but EmpireCovers sells hundreds of high quality vehicle covers to fit almost every vehicle on the road, and water!

EmpireCovers Founder and CEO, Jake Goldblum, believes this video is a great way for the company to showcase its products and personality.  Fans of EmpireCovers see entertaining pictures posted daily on Facebook, Twitter and more, but this commercial really grasps the EmpireCovers persona. We’re a fun company that’s serious about protecting your assets.