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Can Your Car Be Hacked?

Step aside, car thieves. There’s a new threat in town.

Hackers are now targeting cars. That’s right. Computer hackers aren’t just stealing your personal information anymore.

Researchers at the Black Hat and DefCon computer security conferences in Las Vegas showcased how vulnerable your car may be. With one click, the researchers completely immobilized a Toyota Prius and Ford Escape. The brakes and steering on both vehicles were disabled. They were also able to manipulate the speed and gas gauge displays.


While both cars were hybrids, the unsettling fact is these vehicles are already on the roads.  Modern cars have up to 40 computers, giving hackers more opportunities to breech your car’s security system. Once hackers have access to one computer, the safety of the entire vehicle is compromised.

Theoretically, hackers can take complete control of a vehicle and the results can be deadly. This is a major setback for the future of driverless cars. Although driverless cars won’t hit the roads for years to come, it’s a wake up call for vehicles that are on the road today.

It’s important to protect what you can. Purchasing an EmpireCovers’ car cover for your vehicle can deter thieves from breaking into your car. You can also buy a cable and lock kit for added security.

EmpireCovers Highlights On This Day in 1899

On August 15, 1899, Henry Ford resigned from Edison Illuminating Company to focus on mass automobile production.


At Edison, Ford was on call 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. While Ford’s schedule was hectic at times, his unconventional hours gave him time to focus on his dream of building a gasoline-powered vehicle.  In 8 years, he worked his way up to chief engineer at Edison and successfully created the Quadricycle, a horseless, gas powered vehicle.

Ford made improvements to each successful vehicle and by 1898, he was awarded his first patent. After creating his third car, Ford left Edison. His third car, with a water tank, brakes and other pioneering features, was the start of mass automobile production. In an effort to keep him, Edison offered a substantial salary of $2,000 a year. Ford declined.

The Ford Motor Company was created in 1903, after Ford’s first unsuccessful automobile company. The Ford Model-T was released in July 1903, and the Ford Motor Company has been releasing affordable vehicles ever since.

In order to keep your Ford (or any other vehicle), in its best shape, pick up an EmpireCovers vehicle cover. A car cover protects your car, truck or SUV from dents, scratches and much more!

What Size Car Cover Do I Need?

Choosing the car cover that’s right for your needs is hard enough. With so many options from waterproof, 5 layered, American-made and more, the options seem endless! After deciding what type of car cover you need, it’s vital to know what size car you are covering.

EmpireCovers’ semicustom car covers are designed to fit almost any vehicle. From all-weather outdoor covers to indoor for storing a classic car, we offer the best care for your car at the lowest rates.



In order to make your shopping experience easier, EmpireCovers created a cover selector. Simply enter the make, year and model of the vehicle you wish to cover and EmpireCovers will provide you with a cover that will best fit your vehicle.

EmpireCovers categorizes all vehicles into sizes. If you are unsure of the make, year or model of your vehicle, you can shop by size using our car cover sizing chart:

  • Size 1 fits cars up to 13 feet 1 inch
  • Size 2 fits cars up to 14 feet 2 inches
  • Size 3 fits cars up to 16 feet 8 inches
  • Size 4 fits cars up to 19 feet
  • Size 5 fits cars up to 22 feet

If you’re still unsure which cover size is the best fit for your vehicle, please call our customer service department at 888-872-6855 or via live chat.

No matter the size or type of car cover you purchase, all EmpireCovers’ car covers come with:

  • Antenna patch – An easy to apply patch is included for your auto’s antenna.
  • Non-abrasive lining – Our vehicle covers will prevent damage to your vehicle without scratching.
  • Free warranty – We’ll cover you from 2 Years to 10 Years!
  • Storage pouch – Storage pouch is included for easy car cover storage.
  • Elastic hem – Fits all the way around the bottom of your auto, securing your car cover.
  • Grommets – Built-in to most of our car covers for easy tie-down.

EmpireCovers Highlights On This Day in 1963

On August 8, 1963, an ex-British Army truck and two stolen Land Rovers were part of one of the most famous heists of all time, the Great Train Robbery.


A well-known burglar and mastermind of the Great Train Robbery, Bruce Reynolds, and 14 other men stole nearly $7 million. Inspired by American westerns, the men held up a train headed for England. They tampered with line signals in order to get the train to stop. After ambushing the train, the men loaded 120 bags filled the loot and took off in the Land Rovers and ex-Army truck.

Police eventually tracked down the Land Rovers and arrested 12 of the men. A majority of the loot was never recovered.  The men were sentenced to a total of 300 years; one of the men, Ronnie Biggs, escaped prison after 15 months, underwent plastic surgery and eluded law enforcement until voluntarily returning in 2001 to serve the remainder of his sentence.

Prevent your car from being involved in future heists with an EmpireCovers vehicle cover! Not only do car covers protect your paint job, they are also a great theft deterrent. While our car covers are easy-to-use, thieves want a car that is easily assessable. They also want to see what’s inside the car before breaking in to it. A car cover is the perfect solution, especially one with a cable and lock kit.

Benefits of A Trailerable Boat Cover

The summer is already half way over! While boating season is in full swing, you may start thinking about storage options for the fall. A trailerable boat cover may be the best option for you, whether you keep your boat in a garage, storage area or out in the open.

EmpireCovers stocks a variety of affordable, semi-custom boat covers. Choosing an EmpireCovers boat cover has a variety of benefits for owners and boats.


Built for Affordability: Our semi-custom boat covers provide ultimate protection for hundreds of dollars less than wrapping your boat or paying for storage.

Built to Last: Our boat cover fabrics are made with the most durable material and warranted to ensure protection for years. They also provide exception durability, with taped seams and protective sleeve for buckle and vent.

Built to Protect: EmpireCovers boat covers are vented to provide superior air circulation and protection against mildew, dampness and musty odors. The UV treated material protects boats from extreme sun and heat. The covers also protect against debris and other elements while on the road, as well as the snow and rain.

Easy to Use: In fact, our boat covers are so easy to use, a kid (or three) can do it!

Please note:

Your boat cover must be securely tied down and snug before proceeding on the road. If the cover begins to flap in the window, please tighten the cover securely to the boat before continuing.

Our boat cover size selector suggests sizes based on manufacturer specs. For the best possible fit, please take a contoured measurement of your boat and chat with our customer service department via live chat or by phone at 888-872-6855. If your boat has a bimini top that cannot be removed or folded down to flush with the rails of your boat, these covers will not fit your boat.

EmpireCovers Highlights On This Day in 1909

On July 29, 1909, General Motors Corporation (GM) acquired the Cadillac Automobile Company, for $4.5 million.


In 1902, Cadillac was formed after the departure of the founder, Henry Ford. Ford’s need for perfection clashed with his partners’ eagerness to put passenger cars on the market. Shareholders called in Detroit machinist Henry Leland to assess the company’s assets for a plan to sell the company. Leland convinced them to stay in business. His idea was to combine Ford’s latest frame with Oldsmobile’s single-cylinder engine.

During its first year in production, Cadillac assembled nearly 2,500 cars. By 1904, Leland’s son, Wilfred, joined Cadillac and established the brand’s reputation for quality. Cadillac made the top 10 in overall US auto sales every year from 1904 to 1915.

In 1908, William C. Durant created the General Motors Corporation. One year later, it had already acquired Buick and Oldsmobile. On July 29, 1909, Durant convinced Wilfred to sell Cadillac for $4.5 million in GM stock. The Lelands also kept their management positions, granting them full responsibility for automotive production.  Three years later, Cadillac produced the world’s first (successful) electric self-starting car.


The Lelands left Cadillac in 1917 and formed Lincoln Company. Unfortunately, Lincoln went bankrupt and was later acquired by Ford Motor Company.

Over the years, Cadillac has maintained its reputation as a leader for luxury and innovation. It was the first automaker to standardly equip power steering and automatic windshield wipers on all its vehicles.

EmpireCovers has also maintained its reputation as a leader in innovative and luxurious vehicle protection products. The eCommerce company recently added carports to its extensive product line.

Anthony Weiner – EmpireCovers Has You Covered

EmpireCovers is all about the latest trends and family values. We’ve earned our seat as the vehicle protection experts by keeping your vehicles covered. Now we’re trying to help Anthony Weiner.

Mr. Weiner has received a lot of grief recently for his vicarious ways. EmpireCovers is here to say, “Don’t worry Anthony… We’ve got your Weiner covered!”


What Size Bimini Do I Need?

Like boats, bimini tops come in many shapes and sizes. From bass fishing to pontoons, we’ve got you covered.

EmpireCovers’ bimini tops come partially assembled, with clear directions, to guarantee easy installation. Proper measurements provide a near custom fit with our 2 bow, 3 bow or 4 bow bimini tops. Choose a blue, burgundy, tan, white or grey bimini top for your boat.


Measuring What Size Bimini Top Fits Your Boat

The first thing to consider when measuring your boat is what portion your want your bimini top to cover. This area will vary depending on personal preference and use. Use a measure tape to determine the length and record this amount.

Find the center mounting points for your bimini top. Measure the distance between these mounting points to determine the width. Please note, this measurement is not the same as the beam width of your boat. Choose the width that is closest your mounting point measurement.

Now, measure the desired height of your bimini top. This measurement should be taken from the mounting point to the desired height, not from the floor of your boat. This measurement should be the minimum headroom clearance you prefer.


EmpireCovers created a bimini top selector to help choose a bimini for your boat, however, this selector only takes the manufacturers’ maximum stated beam widths of your boat. This width may or may not be the same as where you prefer to mount your bimini. It is important to use your own measurements when selecting a width for your bimini top.

We cannot stress enough to measure the length, height and beam width before placing your order. Also consider color when choosing your bimini top. EmpireCovers takes pride in selling high quality bimini tops. Due to the packaging having many small parts, bimini tops have a 20% restocking fee, to ensure it will be fit for re-sell. Please read EmpireCovers’ return policy with any questions.

If you have any questions about your bimini purchase, please call our customer service department at 888-872-6855.

EmpireCovers Tours Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program

Each year, the EmpireCovers’ team gives back to the community. This year, the crew took a tour of the popular City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and participated in community service by helping paint the next mural.

EmpireCovers Mural Arts Program Building

The Mural Arts Program began in 1984 as a component of the Philadelphia Anti-Graffiti Network. Amateur graffiti artists were taught how to create art with paintbrushes instead of spray-paint. The program now encompasses at-risk youth, incarcerated adults and people from surrounding communities. Philadelphia now has over 3,600 murals, which is more than any other city in the world.

At the end of the tour, the team was able to paint sections of a mural that will be displayed in Philadelphia in the next couple of months.

The City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program is a local organization that EmpireCovers is proud to support.

EmpireCovers Mural Arts Program Tour

What Is My Car Cover Made Of?

Not all car covers are made equally.  EmpireCovers’ car covers are designed to fit most vehicles and budgets. The material a car cover is made of and the elements your vehicle may be exposed to are important to consider when purchasing a protective cover.

Standard Car Cover

The Empire Standard Car Cover is made from a single layer of spunbond polypropylene to protect your vehicle from the elements. The polypropylene based material is exceptionally strong yet light. The cover is also UV treated to help protect your paint from fading and fully breathable to allow moisture to evaporate. The Empire Standard Car Cover is an economical option and great for indoor use and occasional outdoor use. Its built-in grommets and full elastic hem make it easy to use.

High Quality Car Cover

The EmpireCovers Titan Quatro 5L cover is made from 5 ultra-thick layers. The four outer layers are made from a waterproof Polypropylene material. The inner layer is made from a nonabrasive fleece lining. This cover is ideal for all-weather protection, including rain, sun, snow, dust and dirt. This cover is equipped with a full elastic hem and built-in strap and buckle for added security.

Premium Car Cover

EmpireCovers American Armor cover is ultra-lightweight yet extremely protective. This cover’s outer layer is made of DuPont Tyvek, a durable material that offers 99% UV protection and is 100% waterproof. Its inner layer consists of a soft micro-fiber lining that is breathable to prevent mold and mildew growth. The American Armor cover is ideal for all-weather protection against rain, sun, snow, dirt and dust. It features a full elastic hem with grommets to keep it secure even in the harshest weather conditions. This is an all-American product, manufactured entirely in the USA and is exclusive to EmpireCovers.

It is important to protect your vehicle, whether it’s parked in a garage or always exposed to the elements. Understanding the material a car cover is made of makes purchasing a cover even easier. From indoor covers to keep your stored classic car in pristine condition to outdoor covers to protect your vehicle from any climate’s elements, EmpireCovers offers the best car for your vehicle at the lowest rates.