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EmpireCovers: American Armor Cover vs Titan Quatro 4L Cover

EmpireCovers specializes in manufacturing and selling high quality covers for cars, trucks and other vehicles. Currently, EmpireCovers sells over 600 state-of-the-art protective covers.

Our customer service department answers a variety of questions about EmpireCovers’ product line on a daily basis. A common question that customers ask is the difference between our American Armor cover and our Titan Quatro 4L cover. The first difference people notice between the two covers is the price, but don’t be deterred if you’re looking for full vehicle protection.


American Armor

Titan Quatro 4L

100% Waterproof100% Waterproof
All Weather ProtectionAll Weather Protection
Full Elastic HemFull Elastic Hem
10 Year Warranty10 Year Warranty
UV Resistant DuPont TyvekUV Resistant material
Microfiber Inner LiningSoft Fleece Inner Lining
Gust Guards ($14.99 value)Built-in Grommets
Mesh Storage Bag ($9.99 value)Storage Pouch
Made in USA


EmpireCovers American Armor cover is ultra lightweight and ultra-soft. The cover is 100% waterproof and features an incredibly soft micro-fiber lining. The American Armor outer layer is made of DuPont Tyvek, a durable material that stands up to strong UV rays and downpours. The American Armor cover is an all-American product, manufactured entirely in the USA and is exclusive to EmpireCovers.

The EmpireCovers Titan Quatro 4L cover is made from 4 ultra-thick layers. The three outer layers are made from a waterproof Polypropylene material. The inner layer is made from a nonabrasive fleece lining. This cover is ideal for all-weather protection, including rain, sun, snow, dust and dirt.

Both car covers offer a wide variety of protection for your vehicle. It is important to know where you will use your cover and what you want to protect your vehicle from before choosing the cover that’s right for you.

If you still have questions about any of EmpireCovers’ product line, call 888-872-6855 or live chat with our customer service department.

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Old Chevy Cars Stands The Test of Time


Urban legends speak of an abandoned Chevy dealership filled with hidden treasures. Myths say the shop was locked decades ago, without an explanation. As with any tale, this story is filled with truth and imagination.

In 1946, Lambrecht Chevrolet Company opened its doors in a small town in Nebraska. For over 50 years, the husband and wife team of Ray and Mildred Lambrecht sold Chevys at the best prices around. In 1996, the couple decided to retire and the dealership was closed.

While it has only been 18 years since the doors were officially closed, VanDeBrink Auctions revealed the timeless treasures inside. An extensive inventory of “brand new” classic cars emerged from the dust. Below is a list of the cars highlighted in the video:

  • 1958 Cameo with one mile on the odometer and plastic on the seats
  • 1978 25th Anniversary Corvette with four miles on the odometer and plastic on the seats
  • 1964 3-speed Impala with four miles on the odometer and plastic on the seats

It is a near miracle to find low mileage classic cars, especially with factory plastic still on the seats. Even though no one had been in the garage, dust had accumulated among these treasures, causing irreversible damage. Covering these classics with an indoor car cover, would have put the urban legends to rest.

Although it has not been “many decades,” since the dealership closed, the doors to Lambrecht Chevrolet have been opened and the contents inside will soon be auctioned.

The auction takes place September 28 and 29 in Pierce, Nebraska. It is set to feature more than 500 collectable cars, including 50 vehicles with less than 10 miles on the odometer.

Which car do you think will auction off for the most money?

How-To Assemble an EmpireCovers Carport

Empire Covers Carport

Frequent visitors of EmpireCovers.com may have noticed an addition to the site. EmpireCovers is constantly broadening our areas of expertise while creating products to ensure the best vehicle protection on the market. We’re now selling carports!

Our multifunctional carports come in a variety of sizes, that can comfortably store cars, trucks, boats, RVs, motorcycles, jet skis, bicycles, scooters and more. Carports are a simple way to create a semi-permanent, protective structure and assembly may be easier than you think.

To make the most of your EmpireCovers carport, you will need to know how to assemble it properly. We cannot stress enough that you must read the detailed instructions that come with your carport for the best results. Here is our brief version of the instruction manual:

  1. Grab your toolbox, a ladder and a friend; Do not assemble alone.
  2. Organize all of the parts and read all of the instructions
  3. Begin constructing the arches
    • Attached the legs and horizontal poles to the arches
    • Stand up the frames and have a friend help you attach them
    • Install cross support poles for structural integrity
  4. Attach second set of horizontal poles
  5. Attach the rear arch to the rest of the structure
  6. Assemble the top horizontal support pole
    • Attach the middle
    • Attach the ends
  7. Congratulations! The frame is now complete!

Now it is time to install the covers.

  1. A few bolts will need to be undo to slip-on the front and read covers
  2. Pull the drawstrings as tight as possible
  3. Put caps on the poles so critters don’t get in
  4. Install the top cover
    • Make sure to tie the drawstrings as tight as possible
    • Tie the rope to your end loop
    • Thread the rope through the holes and pull very tight
  5. Again, make sure the ropes and drawstrings are pulled as tight as possible.
  6. You are finished assembling your Empire Covers carport!
  7. Stand back and admire your handy work.

Check out our instructional video on how to assemble an EmpireCovers carport!

If you still have any questions, call 888-872-6855 or live chat with our customer service department.

EmpireCovers.com is Giving Away A Free American Armor Cover!


In honor of the Fourth of July, we’re giving away an all-American product! The American Armor cover is made from an ultra-lightweight, ultra-soft DuPont Tyvek® material. This cover is fully waterproof and features micro-fiber lining.

One lucky entrant will win an American Armor cover for his/her car, truck, SUV or motorcycle! All entrants will receive a 30% off coupon code to use toward their next purchase at EmpireCovers.com or EmpirePatioCovers.com so everyone is a winner!

Entering to win is easy, simply like us on Facebook and click the Contest tab; or click here from your mobile device.

Plenty of Car “Eye Candy” at the 18th Annual Loafers Car Show

On May 11th, the Loafers Car Club held their 18th Annual Loafers Car Club Car Show at Hannibal, MO’s Central Park. Hundreds of car aficionados gathered in the park to admire the 300 some vehicles on display – and there was plenty of car “eye candy” to go around.

The show consisted of over 30 judged classes of cars, which included street rods, street machines, trucks, Corvettes, Mustangs, Classics, Pro Street, Rat Rods, Imports, and many more!


The Loafers Car Club is a not-for-profit organization with the goal of preserving and enjoying historical and special interest automobiles, all while giving back to the community. Free to the public, the Loafers Car Club holds three main events every year: The Hot Dog Cruise-in, The Loafers Car Show and The Reunion Cruise-in.


All donations received during these events are used for various communal purposes, including but not limited to Leaps of Love and a college scholarship for two high school students that will be majoring in a subject pertaining to auto mechanics.

As a  leading providers of car covers, Empire Covers acted as a major sponsor for the 18-TH Annual Loafer’s Car Club Car Show – and we even got our name on some pretty sweet t-shirts!




To see more pics from the 18th Annual Loafers Car Show check out the video below:

Brandon Card’s Inexpensive Ways to Show Your Boat Some Love

Here are a few inexpensive ways that you can show your boat some love

Boat Cover

The first step in protecting your boat is a boat cover.  It is essential for keeping your boat in good condition.  Boat covers shield your boat from the sun’s dangerous rays, prevent rain and snow damage, and deter thieves.

My Empire Boat Cover has really helped keep my boat out of the harsh elements.  It is strong and durable, and it holds up great in the rain and snow.  Having a good boat cover is crucial to resale value when storing a boat outside like I do.  Even for those of you storing a boat inside a covered area or garage benefit from a boat cover that will keep the dust off the boat.  On overnight trips you need to cover the boat to keep off the dew and frost in cold weather.  A dry boat is much more comfortable to fish out of.


Brandon Card with Empire boat cover

Protect the Hull

Hull protection is a must for fiberglass bass boats. The keel of the hull will take a beating from concrete ramps, rocky banks, and various other shallow water hazards.  A Keelshield is the only way to go.  It is an adhesive shield that sticks directly to the keel and is really easy to install.  It comes in a variety of colors, so it will match any color of hull. I speak from experience when I say that you have to get this.  I didn’t have one on a previous boat and my fiberglass was cracked and chipped everywhere. It looked like a beaver had a heyday on the bottom of that boat.  For just under $200, this is a must have.

Protect the Engine 

Like most people, I do the regular maintenance every year like spark plugs and lower unit oil. But two things that I think matter more than that are how hard the engine runs and keeping the ethanol out of gas.  I try to only run my Suzuki 250 at full throttle during tournament situations.  4000 to 4500 rpm is the prime cruising range when I am practicing or fun fishing.  Fuel economy will be the best in this range, and the engine will not have to work very hard.  If it is not working hard, it will last longer.

Ethanol is detrimental to outboard engines, and there is an easy fix out there.  I have been adding fuel treatments to my gas since the whole ethanol scare started, and I haven’t had a problem.  Biobor EB is an ethanol treatment that stabilizes the ethanol/gasoline mixture and also prevents corrosion and wear. $20 a bottle treats 240 gallons and is a pretty fair bargain to prolong the life of an engine.

Remember these inexpensive ways to care for your boat, and your boat will spend less time in the shop and more time in the water. More time on the water is what we are all after.  You can’t catch them unless you are out there!

Empire Covers Favorite Pro Angler Brandon Card is Fishing His Way to the Top….

Our boy, Brandon Card caught some serious fish on the Douglas Lake last week at the Bassmaster Southern Open. The 3-day tournament took place in Dandridge TN, from April 4th to the 6th. A total of 180 boats competed throughout the weekend. Card placed 77th in the Pro Anglers, weighing in at a total 14.9 pounds.

Brand Card 1

Brandon Card Weigh In Shot

Growing up only a few miles from Norris Lake, TN, Card started fishing for bass at a very young age. At age 14, he competed in his first bass tournament, and bought his first bass boat at age 16. After high school, Card attended the University of Kentucky where he became the president of the UK Bass Fishing Team. Throughout college, Card competed in a number of national championship events. However, it wasn’t until he won the Ultimate Match Fishing College Edition tournament in 2007, that he gained national exposure.

Since then, Card has been distinguished as a force to be reckoned with in the pro fishing world – and rightfully so. He competed in the 2011 BASS Southern Opens where he posted 4th, 9th, and 13th finishes in all three of the Southern Open tournaments. Card also finished 2nd place in Angler of the Year standings and received an invitation to compete in the 2012 Bassmaster Elites Series. In 2012, Brandon’s first year on tour, he won the Bassmaster Rookie of the Year title.

This March, Card placed 7th at the Bassmaster Elite series on Falcon Slam. Currently, Card is leading the Toyota Bassmaster 2013 Angler of the year race with 185 pts. At age 26 and in just his second Elite Series, Card is the youngest angler in the hunt for the AOY title.

For over a year now, Card has been a loyal supporter of Empire Covers and uses our waterproof boat covers to protect his pro fishing boat during both the on and off seasons. Thanks for the support Brandon, and best of luck on your journey for the AOY title – we’re rooting for you!

Checkout some action shots of Brandon Card on Douglas Lake below:


Brandon Card on Douglas Lake


Brandon Card on Douglas Lake

empire boat covers

Empire boat covers protecting pro fishing boats after a long day on Douglas Lake

Take Care of Your Car This Winter with 5 Easy Tips

It’s cold. It’s icy. It’s wet. Winter weather can really make not only your life miserable but also the roads treacherous to travel. With the slush, snow, and ice covering the streets, it’s important to maintain your car throughout the winter. Here are five quick and easy tips to remember to not only have a safe winter season, but to have your car come out of the cold months in the best shape possible.

Check The Tires:

More specifically, two aspects of the tires: Pressure and tread. As the temperature goes down so does the pressure in your tires. It’s important to maintain your tire pressure to get optimum gas mileage and prevent excess tire wear. It’s just as important to check the tread depth of your tires to prevent excess wear. Using a quarter for the tread test works the best. Place the quarter in the tread of the tire you should NOT be able to see the top of Washington’s head. The higher the tread on the tire the better traction you will get when driving through the snow and ice.

Keep It Clean:

With all the salt and slush on the roads, your car is in danger of rusting. To prevent the corrosion and rust, routinely wash your car.

Check That Battery:

Take notice to the battery clamps for corrosion and make sure the clamps are tight. If there is a white powdery substance around the clamps you will want to clean them with baking soda and water. If your battery is older you may want to consider buying a new one, as it’s recommended to replace your battery every 3 to 5 years.

Have an Emergency Kit Prepared:

A just-in-case box to have all the essential items for, well, just-in-case. Things that should be included in your emergency kit:

• First-Aid Kit
• Windshield Scraper with Brush
• Jumper Cables
• Flashlight
• Extra Batteries
• Radio
• Flairs
• Blankets
• Salt (in case vehicle is stuck in ice)
• Pocket knife

Note The Fluids:

Any type of liquid in your vehicle should be checked, but most importantly the big four: Antifreeze, windshield wiper fluid, oil and gasoline. If the levels are low for any of these, there’s a risk of the liquid freezing. Make sure all of the liquids are adequate so there is no danger of being without any one of them in the cold.

Follow these suggestions and you and your car should have a safe and happy winter season!

Does your car need protection from Old Man Winter? Get the perfect cover from EmpireCovers.com

Behind the Scenes at the Philly Auto Show

The Philadelphia Auto Show just held it’s annual event at the Philadelphia Convention Center and Empire HQ sent out the Behind The Covers crew to get an exclusive behind the scenes look at the action.

The yearly car gala is one of the oldest and most popular gathering of automobiles in the country. The first Philly Auto Show was organized way back in 1902. The variety of vehicles and the amount of people who frequent the event each year has increased dramatically over the past 111 years. The show currently brings in over 200,000 guests and has over 700 vehicles filling in the 550,000 square feet of the Center City, Philadelphia building.

We sat down with Kevin Mazzucorla, the Executive Director of the Philly Auto Show who has been involved with the event for the past 15 years, to get to know what makes this event so special.

EMPIRE COVERS: “What’s the best aspect the Philadelphia Auto Show has going for it, right now?”

KEVIN MAZZUCORLA: “Everything. Everything is perfect. But seriously, for one, the tradition of the event is phenomenal. It’s one of the oldest shows in the country. Kids who have come to the show with their grandparents become grandparents and then take their grandchildren. It’s amazing. You see generations that have been coming to the show for, well, generations.”

EC: “How has the show changed over time and, more specifically, within recent history to where it is today?”

KM: “A lot has changed. For one, the size of the show. The building is bigger, more people are coming, the interest is stronger than ever. That doesn’t even count for how much the technology has changed and how much the industry has grown over the years. A larger automobile culture means more companies want to get in the door to show off their product. This year we have over 700 vehicles on the show floor.”

EC: “How big of an influence does the Philly Auto Show have?”

KM: “A great deal, actually. The Philadelphia market is top 4 in the auto industry in terms of sales of vehicles alongside New York, LA and Chicago. This area alone generates about $3 billion in revenue per year. 30% of all vehicles in the Philadelphia market are influenced by this show, so we have a lot of pull going for us.

“The beauty is, there is no selling going on at the actual show. People come in, see what they want to see and make decisions later. For the most part people will come in and view something they didn’t know existed or never thought of before and will tend to at least research into that specific vehicle more, if not purchase it at a later time.

EC: “Are you in competition with other big shows around the country?”

KM: “We obviously want to have the best car show in the world, but yes, sometimes the wind is pulled out of our sails. Detroit is a huge show and is right before us, so naturally if car companies want to unveil something brand new or an incredible unique concept, they’re going to do it there because it’s the first big show of the year. Just the way it is.”

EC: “Would you like us to cover all of your cars for next year?

KM: “Absolutely!”

Thanks to Kevin for taking the time out of his busy schedule to speak to us. Photos of the event and the beautiful cars are below, but before we run out of covers supplying the 2014 Philadelphia Auto Show, you may want to stock up for your own good. Check us out at EmpireCovers.com.