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Selecting An Affordable Bicycle Cover With Great Protection

As the snow is melting, the option of riding your bicycle is becoming a reality. Selecting a bicycle cover that fits your protective needs is easy with EmpireCovers!

Empire Bicycle Cover

A bike cover is ideal for preserving your bicycle and keeping it clean. All EmpireCovers bicycle covers are breathable to prevent mold and mildew growth. When selecting the right cover for your needs, consider what elements your bike is exposed to. If you live in a dry, sunny area, you may want to consider our sunproof cover. If your bicycle is exposed to rain most of the year, the EmpireCovers waterproof cover may be right for you. Each cover offered on the EmpireCovers website has a full elastic hem to ensure a snug fit.

Waterproof Bike Cover

The EmpireCovers waterproof bicycle cover is made from premium polyester material that is 100% waterproof. The cover holds up great to all weather exposure. You don’t have to worry about leaving your bike outside again! A 3-year warranty ensures ultimate protection against the sun, rain, snow, dust and other elements and debris.

Sunproof Bike Cover

EmpireCovers also offers a UV resistant cover to protect from the sun’s harmful rays. The sunproof bike cover is made from DuPont Tyvek, the same material as some of our car covers. This durable cover is built to last harsh sun, wind and dust. The cover comes with grommets to allow for additional security to the bike. A 3-year warranty means no more burning your buns on a hot bike seat!

In order to get the correct cover size for your bike, you must measure your bike properly. Simply measure the length, height and width of your bike. Once you know the specs of your bike, you’re ready to select the best cover that meets your protection needs.

3 Reasons To Use A Boat Cover This Spring

A boat is a valuable investment, which makes purchasing a boat cover an obvious choice. There are many reasons for owners to use waterproof boat covers to protect their boat. EmpireCovers highlights the top three reasons to use a boat cover this spring:


1. To prevent damage to your boat’s finish.

Using a boat cover while trailering to your local lake or fishing hole can prevent against minor dents and scratches along the way. A leaf or small branch may seem harmless but sticks and leaves can cause minor abrasions to your boat while traveling at high speeds down the expressway. These minor abrasions can turn into costly restoration for your boat. Rain and tree sap can also cause damage to your boat’s finish if your boat sits outside, which leads us to our next point.

2. To keep debris off of your boat.  

Whether your boat is stored in or outdoors, it is at risk for damage from debris. Leaves, tree sap, dust and exposure to other elements can amplify any imperfections to your boat. A breathable boat cover will prevent these elements from harming your boat and prevent mold and mildew on your boat.

3. To deter thieves and other unwelcome guests.

Thieves typically look for easy targets. If your boat is covered, that is an additional step the thief must take to access your boat and its contents.  The thief will look for another vehicle to break into, which is one reason you need a car cover, too. A boat cover may also deter critters from calling your boat home.


If you had a boat growing up, some of your favorite memories were made on the water. Boats come in many shapes and sizes. There are pontoon boats for leisure time and bass boats for novice fishermen.  EmpireCovers offers covers for boats of many shapes and sizes. These boat covers are guaranteed to fit your boat and offer superior protection.

Find the best waterproof boat covers on the market at EmpireCovers.com.

EmpireCovers Exhibits at the Greater Philadelphia RV Show

Rows of RVs filled the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. From the outside, these glorified houses on wheels may look the same. Once you step inside, you’ll realize there are endless possibilities for luxurious options.

photo 1

Just two weeks after the Philadelphia Auto Show, EmpireCovers had a booth at the Greater Philadelphia RV Show. The Cover Experts took advantage of the weekdays by talking with local RV dealerships and campsites. While we met many friendly people, one person stood out. She was Gale Markey.

The motorhome lifestyle is a family affair for Gale. Gale’s son runs Stoltzfus RV & Marine in West Chester, PA. Her adopted son, who also works at Stoltzfus, was one of the top RV salesmen in the United States. She has almost two decades on the RV sale floor with many more years as an “RVer” herself!

Gale gave the EmpireCovers team a tour of Stoltzfus’ motorhomes from Class A to pop-up campers. Each home had unique features and layouts. It was easy to understand why RVers are so particular about their purchase. Soon, the team was pointing out different layouts they preferred and we turned into RV experts ourselves!

Many RVs and trailers come with a complimentary cover from the manufacturer. These covers are often made from Tyvek or polypropylene. While these are great materials for a car cover, so much material with little reinforcement can compromise protection. EmpireCovers offers premium RV covers made from marine-grade material.

EmpireCovers exclusive line of Premier RV covers are made from 300 denier polyester. Synching and partial elastic hems are available on all models to allow additional security to the RV. Vents and conveniently placed buckle and straps prevent the motorhome cover from billowing in the wind. These 100% waterproof covers also have taped seams for superior moisture protection. Full height zippers allow easy access to the RV while it is covered. An industry leading three year warranty makes this cover the obvious choice in motorhome protection.

Those who attended the Greater Philadelphia RV Show were given an exclusive 35% off coupon code for EmpireCovers. EmpireCovers is attending the Northeast Rod & Custom Car Show at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center on March 21-23. Visitors make sure to stop by EmpireCovers’ booth to get your exclusive discount! Stay up-to-date with us by liking the EmpireCovers Facebook Page!

Car Cover Company Covers Philadelphia Auto Show In More Ways Than One

One automotive company is showcasing its expansive line of vehicle protection products at the 2014 Philadelphia Auto Show and giving away this years’ hottest electronics.GK3

EmpireCovers, a vehicle protective cover company, is a vendor at the 2014 Philadelphia Auto Show. Located in Jenkintown, EmpireCovers specializes in selling high quality protective covers for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs and more.

The eCommerce company is excited to venture into the car show circuit.

“EmpireCovers is dedicated to the local community so it’s only appropriate that the Philadelphia Auto Show is our first major event,” said Founder and CEO, Jake Goldblum. “Since 2004, EmpireCovers has been an online business so attending the show will be a great opportunity for us to interact face-to-face with our customers. The EmpireCovers team enjoys being in front of car enthusiasts and educating people about our covers.”

The EmpireCovers booth will feature its premium vehicle covers: the American Armor, Titan Indoor Soft Stretch and Rust-Oleum® 5 Layer Waterproof. Visitors will see the covers in action, as a Corvette with an EmpireCovers car cover will be on display. A special discount code will be given to visitors who stop by the booth. Computers will be at the show for those interested in ordering a cover.

An Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be raffled off to two lucky attendees of the Philadelphia Auto Show who stop by EmpireCovers’ booth. Entering to win is simple. Visit EmpireCovers’ space during the show for details.

The 2014 Philadelphia Auto Show is scheduled to run February 8th-16th at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Philly Throttle’s Adam Cramer Talks Motorcycles With EmpireCovers For Candid Interview

Each month, EmpireCovers interviews a local expert to showcase local industry expertise and talent. This month we met with Adam Cramer, star of Philly Throttle.

This motorcycle mechanic’s knowledge goes beyond repair and maintenance. Cramer is also a wordsmith with a love for Philadelphia. When I asked if he would sit down for an interview, he obliged. I soon noticed Cramer wasn’t used to sitting down. He’s always on the go, so he answered my questions as he repaired a café racer motorcycle.

Maintaining a motorcycle while it is in good condition is the most important part of motorcycle care. Cramer talks about his EmpireCovers motorcycle cover and his favorite features. Protect your bike, whether it’s stored indoors or outside with EmpireCovers.

Watch the full interview:

Liberty Vintage Motorcycles is located in the heart of Philadelphia’s Fishtown district. From the outside, a large metal gate and chains secure the shop. For those lucky enough to go inside, the shop is a wonderland of vintage motorcycles. I didn’t count the number of bikes, but I would guess it’s in the hundreds. There were rows of Harleys, Triumphs, Hondas and more.  If you look up, you’ll see motorcycles literally hanging from the ceiling. There’s also a helicopter. Yes, a helicopter.

The shop is definitely a hidden gem. The first Friday of every month, the art community opens its doors to showcase local talent and pieces. Cramer also opens his doors. Local bands play, there is a keg and everyone has a good time. From time to time, people ask Cramer where the art is displayed. His response is “everywhere.”

For Cramer, it’s a work hard, play hard attitude. He admits that he never wants to lose sight of what’s important to him – the motorcycles. Each bike has its own story and beauty. While he doesn’t want to know how many motorcycles he has, he appreciates them all the same. He even called himself the motorcycle Casanova.

EmpireCovers Attends Auto Mania Powered By Carlisle Events

Car parts and vintage memorabilia filled the Auto Mania halls. Carlisle Events hosted the largest indoor heated swap and meet at the Agricultural Hall in Allentown, PA. The EmpireCovers team attended the event and dusted off some hidden automotive treasures.


Thousands of car enthusiasts attended the car corral and swap meet. There were vendors outside braving the winter vortex and others comfortably inside. Cars for sale filled the parking lot. A few classics could be found inside in mint condition for a bargain. If you were looking for a car part, this was the place to be.

From tools to engines, vendors at the Carlisle event had it all. There were rows of hand-made model cars, vintage road signs and more. It was like a blast from the past. It was also an opportunity the team to talk about EmpireCovers car covers.

Check out pictures from Auto Mania:

What Car Cover Do I Need?

Purchasing a car cover is an important investment. It is also an easy process with EmpireCovers. There are a few questions you will need to ask yourself before buying a car cover.


First, ask yourself which elements your vehicle is exposed to. If the vehicle is parked in a garage, you will want an indoor car cover. If you leave your vehicle outside, you will want an outdoor car cover that can withstand the elements. If you live in the north, you may want to protect against snow and rain. If you live in the south, you may want to protect against UV rays.

Now that you know what elements you want to protect your car against, you can select the cover that best fits your needs. EmpireCovers makes the process even easier with a car cover selector. Simply enter the year, make and model of the vehicle you would like to protect. EmpireCovers will automatically provide a list of car covers that fit your vehicle.

EmpireCovers offers a variety of covers to meet any budget and protect against the elements. If you are looking for an indoor car cover, you may like EmpireCovers Titan Indoor Car Cover for the best protection against dust and other indoor hazards. If you’re looking for an all-weather cover to protect against a variety of elements, you may want to purchase the American Armor Car Cover. This durable cover is 100% waterproof, UV resistant and made completely in the United States!

Each EmpireCovers car cover has unique protective benefits for your vehicle. Purchasing a cover for your vehicle will protect your investment for years to come. If you’re still unsure which cover is best for you, contact our product specialists at 888.872.6855. They will help you select a car cover that meets all of your protective needs.

EmpireCovers Awarded Best RV Cover By Motorhome Magazine

EmpireCovers won the Readers’ Choice 2013 RV Awards for best motorhome cover.


“Being voted the best RV cover is a great honor for EmpireCovers,” said Founder and CEO Jake Goldblum. “We’re glad our customers recognized us as the best RV covers on the market. Our research and development team spends a lot of time testing our vehicle covers to ensure they protect as we advertise.”

“We listen to our customers and do our best to give them and their vehicles the ultimate protection at an affordable rate,” Goldblum added.

The Motorhome Magazine had 26 categories with over 150 brands, products and services to choose from. Readers had more than three months to vote for their favorites.

Are you looking to purchase the best RV cover on the market? Check out EmpireCovers RV covers today!

EmpireCovers sells high quality protective motorhome covers for RVs, trailers and campers. Protect your motorhome from wind, rain and the sun. EmpireCovers offers a water resistant RV cover and a 100% waterproof cover with added DWR for ultimate water protection. All covers as breathable to prevent mold and mildew growth on your RV.

Avoid the hassle (and lack of protection) with tarps and bungee cords. Our covers also offer access to your RV while it is covered with strategically placed zippers for doors and storage areas.

Whether you leave your RV stored indoors or outside, EmpireCovers has a cover for you. If you need help selecting the best cover for your motorhome, you can call The Cover Experts at 888.872.6855.

EmpireCovers Selected As 2013 Philadelphia SmartCEO Future 50 Award Winner


EmpireCovers, a national provider of high quality vehicle covers, was selected as a winner of the 2013 Philadelphia SmartCEO Future 50 Awards. The black tie event took place on January 16 at Drexelbrook.

“We are honored to be selected as a SmartCEO Future 50 award winner,” said Jake Goldblum, Founder and CEO of EmpireCovers. “The EmpireCovers team has worked hard this year and we’re glad that our hard work is paying off. We’re continuing to expand our product line and always improving our expertise in the automotive protection industry.”

The Future 50 Awards program is a highly anticipated award program from SmartCEO. Fifty companies in the Philadelphia area were recognized for their fast-growth and success. According to SmartCEO, “These companies represent the future of the region’s economy and embody the entrepreneurial spirit critical for leadership and success.”

Goldblum was featured in the November 2013 edition of Philadelphia SmartCEO for being one of the top CEOs in the region. Check out his interview with SmartCEO Philadelphia. He will also be featured in the January/February edition for his success with EmpireCovers.

Predict The Big Game Score And Win Big With Super Cover Giveaway

This year we’re combining our passions for A Super Cover Giveaway! If you can predict the Professional Football Championship Game (Sorry! We know the name, but it’s trademarked and we’d have to spend a whole lot of money to use “it”) winner and the final score, we’ll give you an EmpireCovers car cover or a $100 credit to Empire Patio Covers!

Entering the giveaway is simple, especially for any football guru! Just complete the following:

- Tell Us Your Email (so we can contact you when you win)

- Predict Who Will Be The American Conference Champions

- Predict Who Will Be The National Conference Champions

- Select The Big Game Winner

- Tell Us The Exact* Final Score Of The Big Game

This is a fun competition so share it with your friends and family. Let’s see who is the football expert. Make sure to submit your predictions before the championship games on Sunday Jan 19th!


*In the event that we do not have a winner who predicts the exact final score, we will choose a winner based on who is closest to the final score without going over. Deadline for all entries is 2:59 PM EST 1/19/2014. Winner will be chosen on 2/3/2014 and notified via email. No purchase is necessary to enter.