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An Economical Alternative to Car Storage

Car storage is an excellent way to protect your vehicle from the elements, but it is not the most economical solution.

Volkswagen AG Presents Financial Results For 2010

Indoor car storage has many benefits to your vehicle. Your car will be protected from rain, snow, UV rays and other elements. Since you won’t be driving your car, it should remain in the same condition you parked it in. Choosing to rent storage for your car will also leave extra space in your garage, if you have one.

Placing your vehicle in storage also has its disadvantages. While car storage protects your vehicle, it puts a dent in your wallet; car storage can be extremely expensive, especially when choosing a climate controlled storage unit. It can also be difficult to access your vehicle once it is placed in storage. Often times there are set hours and times when you are allowed to access your unit.

Before renting an indoor car storage unit, consider this affordable alternative – a car cover. When your car is stored indoors or outdoors, a car cover is a great way to protect your vehicle from the elements.


EmpireCovers offers a variety of car covers to meet any budget. Selecting the best EmpireCovers car cover for your needs is easier than ever! Simply enter your vehicle’s make, year and model then you can see which car cover fits your protection needs. The five star rating system shows how each cover protects against an element. If your vehicle is stored outdoors, it is important to purchase an all-weather vehicle cover like the EmpireCovers American Armor car cover.

Carports are also an affordable solution for car storage. All EmpireCovers carports are made of steel and durable polyethylene fabric for superior protection from the elements.

Even if you’ve already chosen car storage, a car cover can help keep your vehicle in pristine condition. When your car is in indoor storage or a garage, it is still exposed to dust and debris. The EmpireCovers Titan Indoor Car Cover is a perfect solution for protection against indoor elements like dust.

7 Reasons To Use A Car Cover On New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a special time for everyone to reflect on his or her accomplishments. It’s a new beginning to a new year. New Year’s Eve is also a dangerous time for your car. It is exposed to elements and other hazards that it might not be on any other day of the year.

EmpireCovers wishes everyone a happy New Year! Because we are The Cover Experts, it’s only right that we tell you why you should cover your car on this special day. Here are seven reasons you should protect your car on New Year’s Eve.

Drunken Frat Boys


They’re everywhere, especially on New Year’s Eve, and they aren’t necessarily in a fraternity. When people consume alcohol, they usually make decisions that aren’t the best. Protect your car from rowdy, intoxicated people who are ringing in the New Year with a bang. A car cover will save you money and maybe a fight.

Firework ashes 

Bentley with Driveway Sparklers

Ashes from fireworks contain alkaline and other harmful chemicals. If the ash settles on the car and it is exposed to moisture, your car’s finish can be damaged. Ashes scratch your vehicle’s paint causing irreversible damage. If you do not own a car cover, wash your vehicle immediately to avoid damage. Do not brush the ash off.



We’re not talking about the nudists who live in colonies. We’re talking about that one person. We all have a friend who always seems to lose his or her clothing on New Year’s Eve, or any day for that matter. No one likes butt cheek imprints on their windshield. Let an EmpireCovers car cover protect your innocent car from the people’s privates.



These are so beautiful in the sky and fun to dance in, but not so much for your car. If your car is exposed to confetti for a long period of time (which we assume it will be since you won’t be driving under the influence), the confetti will stick to your car and fade its finish. That’s not a good look.


Yes, it is disgusting but it can happen to anyone. Vomit is extremely acidic which is extremely bad for your car’s finish. Not to mention the foul odor and eyesore.  Gross.



Everyone’s inner rapper comes out on New Year’s Eve. It starts by “popping bottles” and a sick beat. While you may enjoy the taste of the bubbly, your car isn’t so excited. Champagne leaves a sticky mess on your car that’s difficult to remove, plus it’s a total waste of alcohol.



Technically this is a New Year’s Day reason, but it is still relevant. According to USA Today, more cars get stolen on New Year’s Day than any other day of the year. Car covers are an excellent theft deterrent. Learn more about the EmpireCovers anti-theft car covers.


What do you protect your car against on New Year’s Eve? Remember to drink responsibly. Call a cab or arrange for a designated driver if you’re drinking. Happy New Year!

How To Prevent Your Boat Cover From Pooling

Buying a boat cover is one of the best ways to care for your boat, especially during the winter months. Applying a boat cover is easy to use and provides ultimate protection from the snow, rain, sun and other elements. Being aware and caring for your EmpireCovers boat cover will help protect your investment even further.

Empire Boat Cover

Pooling occurs when heavy rain or snow accumulates onto your boat cover and does not run off. The material begins to stretch causing the tightly woven fibers to spread apart as a direct result from the weight of the water or snow. Once those fibers are stretched there is a greater risk of water leaking through the cover. This ultimately compromises the covers protection.

Adding support poles to your cover is an affordable solution to pooling. Support poles can be added to any boat, anywhere. It is important to choose poles with a rubber base to keep the pole secure on the boat’s floor. A plastic dome at the top will support the boat cover without causing damage. EmpireCovers offers an ideal aluminum tension rod that adjusts between 26” and 64”.

If you have a V-Hull boat, EmpireCovers has a unique boat cover support system to prevent pooling. This system is specifically designed to support the full length of your cover. The flexible placement positions and adjusts make this a complement to any V-Hull boat under 27 free long. Installation is hassle-free making your cover installation a cinch.


Whether you’re protecting a pontoon or a fishing boat, adding support to your boat cover will increase its longevity. The EmpireCovers support poles or boat cover support system is economical ways to protect your investment. For more tips on how to care for your boat during the winter, check out Brandon Card’s 7 Steps for Winter Bass Boat Storage.

EmpireCovers Interviews Local Automotive Industry Expert

As a company based just northwest of Philadelphia, EmpireCovers is dedicated to building relationships with the local community. We’ve given local students cash, helped out the PSPCA and hosted automotive hangouts. We recently had the pleasure of interviewing local automotive veteran and entrepreneur, Mike Saporito.

To date, Mike has over 26 years of experience in the automotive industry. Throughout his career, Mike has worked as a car dealer selling car brands like Cadillac, Lexus, Infiniti, Nissan, Honda, Toyota and Hyundai. Mike has also took owning a car dealership to the next level by teaming up with former New York Giants players Jessie Armstead and Antonio Pierce to open a car dealership in New Jersey. His years of expertise and unique experiences made for a great interview! Check out the full interview below.

Automotive Industry Experts Mike Saporito Jessie Armstead Antonio Pierce

As an expert in the automotive industry for over 25 years, what is the biggest change in cars you’ve witnessed?

Over the past 25 years, there have been several key changes in the automotive industry; however, what I find to be biggest is the way that technology is transforming car technology and the customer’s experience.  Among the most impressive advancements are the infotainment systems, Bluetooth capabilities, and back up cameras, which are now becoming standard in all vehicles. Additionally, the Internet has changed the purchase experience for the customer, allowing the customer to be much more educated about what exactly they are looking for, i.e. by assessing comparison checks on line.  Finally, in-car technology, such as OnStar, has allowed dealerships to more accurately address the vehicle’s service needs due to more systematic tracking systems.


While flying cars and driverless cars are concepts, electric cars are becoming more and more popular in the automotive industry. What are some advantages and setbacks you’ve noticed with electric vehicles?

There are some wonderful advantages to electric cars, the most notable being that they are fuel saving and therefore contribute to making the environment a healthier place.  Electric cars make use of advanced technology that I believe is door to the future in vehicle enhancement.  However, because the technology is so new, electric cars do not offer the consumer many choices in vehicle selection and electric cars do not commonly perform as well as fuel-injected vehicles.


Infotainment has been a major buzzword in the automotive industry. Dashboards have almost completely changed from ten years ago. How will dashboards and vehicles change over the next ten years?

With the growing popularity of technology, such as touch screens and smart phones, we believe that most vehicles will soon be equipped with built-in tablet-like infotainment centers. Everything will become simplified, with more features activated by voice rather than by buttons and knobs, resulting in a more seamless experience between car and driver.


Finally – we have to ask, how is running a car dealership with two former New York Giants players?

I have always been very passionate and excited about each new day in my over 25+ years in this business and therefore it was hard to imagine taking that up a notch.  However, partnering with Jessie and Antonio absolutely accomplishes that.  Working with two determined guys makes my work much more exciting and has opened my eyes to another level of striving towards perfection.  Every day has been a great new adventure.  Jessie and Antonio truly are champions on and off the field.

How-To Winterize Your Motorcycle

There are many tips out there on how-to winterize your bike. Fortunately, there’s one tip that takes less than 60 seconds – applying an EmpireCovers motorcycle cover!

While it is still important to follow other winterizing steps, choosing an EmpireCovers motorcycle cover will protect your chrome from rusting and your bike from the elements. EmpireCovers offers a variety of motorcycle covers that are built to withstand the elements, including snow and ice. Check out these premium bike covers that are guaranteed to protect your ride in the winter:



MCALAmerican Armor Motorcycle Cover – This cover is 100% Made-in-America with a Dupont Tyvek outer lining to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Its microfiber inner lining will protect your chrome and paint from scratches. The inner lining is also equipped with a patented basofil proprietary fireproof blend so it can be applied immediately after riding, without damaging the cover or melting onto your bike. It is 100% waterproof and breathable to prevent mold and mildew growth.


EMPMC15Trailerable Waterproof Bike Cover – This heavy duty bike cover is made from 600 denier polyester and is specifically designed for durability and trailering. Its waterproof coating will protect your bike against heavy downpours, snow, ice and other elements. This waterproof motorcycle cover also has heat resistant panels along the engine block to the tailpipes.


EMPMCTLTitan V 5L Motorcycle Cover – The EmpireCovers Titan V 5L motorcycle cover is made from 5 ultrasonically welded layers. Its inner lining is nonabrasive so it will not scratch your bike. Some motorcycle covers are water resistant or repellant, but not the Titan V 5L! This cover is 100% breathable and waterproof to prevent mold and mildew growth.


Choosing the right cover to protect your motorcycle from the snow, ice and other elements doesn’t have to be difficult! EmpireCovers makes it even easier for you by providing a five-star grading system to show you each cover’s strengths. Shop now for the best cover for your bike at EmpireCovers, or call one of our sales team members at 888.872.6855!

EmpireCovers Sponsors Delco Cruisers Toy Run Car Show

The EmpireCovers team is a proud sponsor of the Delco Cruisers car club. On December 7, the Delco Cruisers held their annual Toy Run car show benefiting Toys for Tots. The club and attendees filled two Fedex trucks with toys!

Toy Run Car Show Santa's Car 1

“Two trucks of toys definitely made the Marines and the kids in the hospital very happy,” said Tom Manning, President of the Delco Cruisers. This is the seventh year the car club has held the car show.

While the weather was cold, it was a great car show in Rose Tree Park. Santa and Mrs. Claus were taking pictures with kids and adults, in front of their decked out sleigh, a Chevrolet Bel Air. People were filling the tables and trucks with toys for the children. Classic and modern cars were on display in the parking lot. A local fire truck was also proudly hanging an American flag.

All Santa’s reindeer lead the sleigh to Riddle Hospital to deliver the toys to very special children. Two of Santa’s helpers drove the trucks, and three state troopers escorted the group along the way.

“It’s great to sponsor a local car club that does so many wonderful things for the community,” said EmpireCovers Founder and CEO, Jake Goldblum. “We do our best to support the local organizations around us, so being a part of the Delco Cruisers family is extremely gratifying.”

EmpireCovers gave out two car covers and coupon codes! 10% of all of the sales using Delco’s unique code will go directly to the club to help events like the Toy Run. Contact EmpireCovers or the Delco Cruisers to learn how you can help!

Check out some great moments from the car show below! Which unique car make and models are your favorite?

What Size Snowmobile Cover Do I Need?

Snowmobiles are extremely versatile and fun. While your ride is made to withstand great impact and maneuver through rugged terrain, it also needs to be protected.

EmpireCovers Snowmobile Cover

Driving in the snow is what snowmobiles were built for! It’s even in their name – snow-mobile, but exposure over a long period of time causes irreversible damage to your sled. Purchasing a snowmobile cover is a simple and affordable solution to prevent rust and other damage.

EmpireCovers offers protective snowmobile covers that will keep your sled in its best shape. To get the best protection, it is important to purchase the best fit. All EmpireCovers products offer a semi-custom fit for great protect at a reasonable price. EmpireCovers snowmobile covers come in three sizes:

  • Medium: 115 inches L x 51inches W x 48inches H
  • Large: 130 inches L x 51 inches W x 48 inches H
  • Extra Large: 145 inches L x 51 inches W x 48 inches H

Before you guess which size you need, measure your snowmobile!

How Do I Measure My Snowmobile?

Measuring your snowmobile is vital to ensure you receive the best fit for ultimate protection. Simply measure up and over the snowmobile’s windshield and handlebars to the back of the sled. Now you know the length and you’re able to choose the size!

What Is My Snowmobile Cover Made Of?

All EmpireCovers waterproof snowmobile covers are made from weather resistant polyester. The outer layer of the cover provides ultimate protection from the elements while the inside is nonabrasive and will not damage your sled.

BassMaster Pro, Brandon Card, Reviews EmpireCovers Bionic Boat Cover

Professional Angler, Brandon Card, shows how easy and effective the EmpireCovers Bionic boat cover is.

In the video, Card puts on the cover by himself and talks about the benefits of a Bionic boat cover. He also takes the boat on the interstate to show the cover can withstand the speed and wind.

The Bionic boat cover is the first high performance boat cover made from eco-yarn. It protects your boat and the environment. The Bionic boat cover is exclusive to EmpireCovers. It’s outer layer is made from BIONIC ® Ripstop, which is extremely durable and prevents tears. It also has a UV Resistant finish and is 100% waterproof. The microfiber fleece lining is soft and will not scratch your boat.

This durable boat cover also comes with a buckle and strap system for security and trailerability. The venting system allowed for added breathability while trailering. Whether you’re taking your boat to a local fishing hole or across the state, the Bionic cover will keep your boat protected.

EmpireCovers was Card’s first sponsor as a bass fishing pro. We’re happy to continue the sponsorship into the new year!

EmpireCovers Founder & CEO Featured In SmartCEO Philadelphia

EmpireCovers is growing at a rapid pace. The success of the nation’s best car cover company isn’t going unnoticed. SmartCEO Philadelphia recognized Jake Goldblum, Founder and CEO of EmpireCovers, as one of the best CEOs in the area. In the November 2013 Edition, Goldblum discusses the advantages and obstacles in the eCommerce industry.

Goldblum believes that utilizing Google Analytics (and analytics in general) is a huge advantage in eCommerce. The EmpireCovers team loves online marketing because the metrics are so much better than its traditional counterpart. Not all online marketing is created equal. He also discusses the lack of ROI on social media. Check out his full excerpt on the right.

EmpireCovers has specialized in high-quality protective vehicle covers since 2004. The work ethic of Goldblum and his team has grown EmpireCovers to be the number one car cover company in the United States.

EmpireCovers CEO Jake Goldblum

Hybrid vs 100% Electric Cars: High Tech, Low Impact

Going green has been a trending topic in the automotive industry. From car share programs to taking public transportation, there are so many ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Should you make the switch to electric or transition to a hybrid vehicle?

The automotive industry’s shift toward electric isn’t a fad. It is here to stay and it seems early adopters couldn’t be happier. EmpireCovers interviewed Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf owners to see what all the hype is about.

EmpireCovers Electric Car

The Chevrolet Volt is a hybrid electric car. Because it runs on gas and electricity, it has an internal combustion engine. Depending on the conditions, drivers can go up to 40 miles using electric. After that, the engine switches to gas. The gas is also used to charge the electric battery, making the MPG higher.

Matt Schmidt, Volt owner since October 2012, said over 75% of his car’s mileage is electric. Schmidt upgraded from a 2003 Oldsmobile Alero and hasn’t looked back since.

“I’m very pleased with the Volt,” said Schmidt. “Most of the gasoline miles came via trips of 1,000 and 1,200 miles and the car performed without incident in both cases. Except for a change in sound, there is no difference when driving powered by gasoline or the batteries. I’d gladly purchase another Volt, if needed. I just wish there were more charging stations available throughout the U.S.”

Dustin Floyd and his wife traded their 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser and 1988 Toyota Camry to purchase the Volt and become a one-car household. Floyd notes that most of the Volt’s mileage comes from electric, but road trips have resulted in more gas usage.

When asked about the biggest difference between his Volt and previous vehicles, Floyd said, “Maintenance costs are much lower. I’ve been driving my Volt for five months, and the car tells me (which in itself is pretty cool) that I have 75% of my oil life remaining. Since we’ve been averaging nearly 70 miles to the gallon, we spend very little on gas. And while I had some problems with fluid leaks and tires on our last cars, this one is warrantied for the next few years, so I expect to have very little out-of-pocket expenses.“

The Nissan Leaf is a fully electric vehicle. It has no internal combustion engine, meaning no more CO2 emissions or oil changes. The Leaf’s electric range is about 75 miles. Because it is 100% electric, once the battery is gone, it’s gone.

Nissan Leaf owner and co-founder of Web2Carz, Ben Wallach, enjoys being behind the wheel of his Nissan Leaf. With over 7,200 miles in almost two years, he has not run out of power, yet.

“The silence, smooth ride, and acceleration when desired, are all quite impressive,” explained Wallach. “I charge at my home garage charger every few days as necessary and have no need for gas stations any more.”

Less maintenance appears to be a main benefit to convert to a hybrid electric or fully electric vehicle.  When you’re protecting the environment it’s important to also protect your vehicle. EmpireCovers offers a wide variety of vehicle covers to protect your investment. Check out the EmpireCovers Chevy Volt car cover in action.

Do you have a hybrid electric or fully electric car? We’d love to hear from you! What is the biggest difference you’ve noticed in your electric car from your previous gas powered vehicle?