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How To Enter EmpireCovers’ $250 Giveaway

EmpireCovers is giving away a $250 shopping spree to one lucky fan! While we love all of our Facebook fans, simply liking our page does not enter you into the contest.


After you “like” EmpireCovers’ Facebook page, enter to win the $250 giveaway through the “$250 Giveaway” tab. You can also enter to win from: http://woobox.com/e35rk3.

Now, “like” Empire Patio Covers, give us your email address (so we can tell you if you win) and tell us how many years young you are. You can receive secret rewards by subscribing to our mailing list! Hint. Hint. Just leave the box checked. You’ll also have to be 18 years or older to enter. All that’s left to do is click the green “enter” button to the right.

Yes, it’s that simple! Now that you’ve entered, here are ways to earn additional entries:

  • Enter daily. You are able to enter the contest daily. Your chances of winning increase every day you enter.
  • Share with friends. Spread the word about your entry on Facebook.
  • Invite friends. After you enter, you are given a unique URL to share with friends. Share your URL with your friends. Each time a friend enters through your post, you’ll earn additional entries!
  • Tweet. If you share your entry with Twitter, you’ll earn even more entries!

One lucky winner will be announced on August 1, 2013 so what are you waiting for? This sweepstakes is also mobile-friendly so start entering today!

EmpireCovers Highlights On This Day in 1916

On July 11, 1916, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Aid Road Act.

Discussions for a federal road program began at the turn of the 20th century, especially after Henry Ford introduced the Ford Model-T. The affordable price of the Ford put more Americans on the road than ever before. Farmers wanted all-weather roads to transport their crops and urban motorists wanted smoother, long-distance highways.

Times were rough and the roads were rougher. America was two years into World War I. Horse and buggies shared trails with Model-T Fords and other vehicles. Sometimes mud and sometimes muck, drivers often risked getting stuck during their travels. At the time, a “tow truck” consisted of some men, blocks and ropes.

Model T Replica


Wilson was an advocate for good roads. He spent about two hours each day in his automobile to relax and clear his mind of the stresses of being the president.

Wilson realized the need for smoother roads and signed the $75 million act. Upon signing the act, he said, “The happiness, comfort and prosperity of rural life, and the development of the city, are alike conserved by the construction of public highways. We, therefore, favor national aid in the construction of post roads and roads for military purposes.”

Think about the “man”ual tow truck and lack of roads the next time you’re stuck in construction. The $75 million price tag in 1916 is the equivalent to over $1.5 billion today. Now, it roughly costs $75 million for a single roadway improvement, but at least we have cell phones and Empire car covers!

EmpireCovers: American Armor Cover vs Titan Quatro 4L Cover

EmpireCovers specializes in manufacturing and selling high quality covers for cars, trucks and other vehicles. Currently, EmpireCovers sells over 600 state-of-the-art protective covers.

Our customer service department answers a variety of questions about EmpireCovers’ product line on a daily basis. A common question that customers ask is the difference between our American Armor cover and our Titan Quatro 4L cover. The first difference people notice between the two covers is the price, but don’t be deterred if you’re looking for full vehicle protection.


American Armor

Titan Quatro 4L

100% Waterproof100% Waterproof
All Weather ProtectionAll Weather Protection
Full Elastic HemFull Elastic Hem
10 Year Warranty10 Year Warranty
UV Resistant DuPont TyvekUV Resistant material
Microfiber Inner LiningSoft Fleece Inner Lining
Gust Guards ($14.99 value)Built-in Grommets
Mesh Storage Bag ($9.99 value)Storage Pouch
Made in USA


EmpireCovers American Armor cover is ultra lightweight and ultra-soft. The cover is 100% waterproof and features an incredibly soft micro-fiber lining. The American Armor outer layer is made of DuPont Tyvek, a durable material that stands up to strong UV rays and downpours. The American Armor cover is an all-American product, manufactured entirely in the USA and is exclusive to EmpireCovers.

The EmpireCovers Titan Quatro 4L cover is made from 4 ultra-thick layers. The three outer layers are made from a waterproof Polypropylene material. The inner layer is made from a nonabrasive fleece lining. This cover is ideal for all-weather protection, including rain, sun, snow, dust and dirt.

Both car covers offer a wide variety of protection for your vehicle. It is important to know where you will use your cover and what you want to protect your vehicle from before choosing the cover that’s right for you.

If you still have questions about any of EmpireCovers’ product line, call 888-872-6855 or live chat with our customer service department.

Better Your Chances Of Winning An American Armor Vehicle Cover

Time is running out to enter EmpireCovers’ American Armor Vehicle Cover giveaway. If you have (and even if you haven’t) entered, there are ways to increase your odds of winning.

Here are ways to earn bonus entries:

  • Enter! EmpireCovers only chooses one name, so it only takes one entry to win.
  • Enter daily. You are able to enter the contest daily. Your chances of winning increase every day you enter.
  • Share with friends. Spread the word about your entry on Facebook.
  • Invite friends. After you enter, you are given a unique URL to share with friends. Share your URL with your friends. Each time a friend enters through your post, you’ll earn additional entries!
  • Tweet. If you share your entry with Twitter, you’ll earn even more entries!
  • Like Empire Patio Covers. If you like Empire Patio Covers on the post-entry page, you’ll earn even more entries.

If you use all of these tips, you can earn at least 16 entries per day. Plus, all entrants receive a one-time 30% off coupon code after entering!

Old Chevy Cars Stands The Test of Time


Urban legends speak of an abandoned Chevy dealership filled with hidden treasures. Myths say the shop was locked decades ago, without an explanation. As with any tale, this story is filled with truth and imagination.

In 1946, Lambrecht Chevrolet Company opened its doors in a small town in Nebraska. For over 50 years, the husband and wife team of Ray and Mildred Lambrecht sold Chevys at the best prices around. In 1996, the couple decided to retire and the dealership was closed.

While it has only been 18 years since the doors were officially closed, VanDeBrink Auctions revealed the timeless treasures inside. An extensive inventory of “brand new” classic cars emerged from the dust. Below is a list of the cars highlighted in the video:

  • 1958 Cameo with one mile on the odometer and plastic on the seats
  • 1978 25th Anniversary Corvette with four miles on the odometer and plastic on the seats
  • 1964 3-speed Impala with four miles on the odometer and plastic on the seats

It is a near miracle to find low mileage classic cars, especially with factory plastic still on the seats. Even though no one had been in the garage, dust had accumulated among these treasures, causing irreversible damage. Covering these classics with an indoor car cover, would have put the urban legends to rest.

Although it has not been “many decades,” since the dealership closed, the doors to Lambrecht Chevrolet have been opened and the contents inside will soon be auctioned.

The auction takes place September 28 and 29 in Pierce, Nebraska. It is set to feature more than 500 collectable cars, including 50 vehicles with less than 10 miles on the odometer.

Which car do you think will auction off for the most money?

How-To Assemble an EmpireCovers Carport

Empire Covers Carport

Frequent visitors of EmpireCovers.com may have noticed an addition to the site. EmpireCovers is constantly broadening our areas of expertise while creating products to ensure the best vehicle protection on the market. We’re now selling carports!

Our multifunctional carports come in a variety of sizes, that can comfortably store cars, trucks, boats, RVs, motorcycles, jet skis, bicycles, scooters and more. Carports are a simple way to create a semi-permanent, protective structure and assembly may be easier than you think.

To make the most of your EmpireCovers carport, you will need to know how to assemble it properly. We cannot stress enough that you must read the detailed instructions that come with your carport for the best results. Here is our brief version of the instruction manual:

  1. Grab your toolbox, a ladder and a friend; Do not assemble alone.
  2. Organize all of the parts and read all of the instructions
  3. Begin constructing the arches
    • Attached the legs and horizontal poles to the arches
    • Stand up the frames and have a friend help you attach them
    • Install cross support poles for structural integrity
  4. Attach second set of horizontal poles
  5. Attach the rear arch to the rest of the structure
  6. Assemble the top horizontal support pole
    • Attach the middle
    • Attach the ends
  7. Congratulations! The frame is now complete!

Now it is time to install the covers.

  1. A few bolts will need to be undo to slip-on the front and read covers
  2. Pull the drawstrings as tight as possible
  3. Put caps on the poles so critters don’t get in
  4. Install the top cover
    • Make sure to tie the drawstrings as tight as possible
    • Tie the rope to your end loop
    • Thread the rope through the holes and pull very tight
  5. Again, make sure the ropes and drawstrings are pulled as tight as possible.
  6. You are finished assembling your Empire Covers carport!
  7. Stand back and admire your handy work.

Check out our instructional video on how to assemble an EmpireCovers carport!

If you still have any questions, call 888-872-6855 or live chat with our customer service department.

EmpireCovers.com is Giving Away A Free American Armor Cover!


In honor of the Fourth of July, we’re giving away an all-American product! The American Armor cover is made from an ultra-lightweight, ultra-soft DuPont Tyvek® material. This cover is fully waterproof and features micro-fiber lining.

One lucky entrant will win an American Armor cover for his/her car, truck, SUV or motorcycle! All entrants will receive a 30% off coupon code to use toward their next purchase at EmpireCovers.com or EmpirePatioCovers.com so everyone is a winner!

Entering to win is easy, simply like us on Facebook and click the Contest tab; or click here from your mobile device.

What Size Motorcycle Cover Do I Need?

Motorcycles come in many shapes and sizes, making custom motorcycle covers unreasonable. EmpireCovers offers semi-custom motorcycle covers that fit almost any motorcycle’s make and model.

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 11.04.22 AM

EmpireCovers makes choosing the right motorcycle cover easy with our size selector. Simply enter the make, year and model of your bike and we’ll tell you which size is the best fit. If you don’t see your bike listed, or don’t know the make, year or model, you can shop by size. EmpireCovers motorcycle covers come in three sizes:

  • Medium Motorcycle Cover fits bikes up to 1000cc and 86” in length. This size fits most popular models, such as the Harley Sportster, Honda Nighthawk, Kawasaki Ninja and BMW Lightening. The size of this cover measures 86” L x 44” W x 44” H.
  • Large Motorcycle Cover fits bikes up to 1000cc and 96” in length. This size fits most popular models similar to the models listed above. The size of this cover measures 96” L x 44” W x 44” H.
  • Extra Large Motorcycle Cover fits most motorcycles in full dress. This size fits models, such as the Yamaha Royal Star Touring and Harley Night Rod. The size of this cover measures 114” L x 44” W x 44” H.

After choosing the correct bike cover size, you will need to choose which cover offers the best protection for your needs. EmpireCovers currently offers six distinctive motorcycle covers.  Consider the climate where you live and where you will store your bike when choosing the cover that best fits your needs.

If you have any questions about which cover size is the best fit for your bike, please call our customer service team at 888-872-6855 or live chat.

Please note: EmpireCovers does not fit all touring bikes. Also, making modifications to your bike may alter the size recommended by our selector. 

EmpireCovers Visits The Grand Prix of Baltimore

The automotive industry is an exciting business. Throw in cars that go 180 mph and things get a little more thrilling!


EmpireCovers celebrated Labor Day weekend at the Grand Prix of Baltimore. There was plenty to do for all ages at the Grand Prix. The Family Fun Zone was filled with bumper cars, bounce houses and more.  The IZOD IndyCar and Firestone Indy Lights garage allowed fans to see mechanics working on the cars and drivers maneuvering around on scooters.

The most excitement seemed to take place behind the scenes. When I was exiting the garage, I saw Justin Wilson zoom by on a scooter. Soon, more racers drove by and the IndyCars lined up on the street. I was able to smell the burning rubber from the cars that had just practiced on the track.

As I got lost navigating around the Grand Prix, I stumble upon The IndyCar Fan Village.  It ended up being one of my favorite parts of the event. The village was an interactive playground for all race-goers. IZOD IndyCar drivers were signing autographs and Tony Kanann snapped a photo with me. Porches, Chevys and cars from all over the world were on display. As I made my way through the maze of exotic cars, I spotted the IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge cars preparing to race.

Exploring the Grand Prix of Baltimore was an adrenaline-charged experience. There really was something for everyone. One minute these cars were in pieces on a lift then racing down the track. If you don’t have a pit crew to take care of your vehicle, let EmpireCovers Protect Your Assets.