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We Don't Have Turkey Covers...Yet.

Starting a new job in November seems like perfect timing – it’s the month where we celebrate family and everything we’re thankful for, and I’m certainly thankful for the opportunity to grow in my career. I’m Christine, the new Social Media Manager here at EmpireCovers and EmpirePatio.  Our company is like a family – with many people who have been here since the beginning, and those who came on board more recently  – everyone has a collaborative spirit and an interest in seeing the company grow.

We’re very immersed in many different worlds – from Automotive and Powersports,  to RVing and Camping, to Home Décor, and I’m pleased to be able to tie my interests in these various things to my job. In the coming months, I’ll be writing about those different worlds, and introducing you to innovations in those industries and showing you the latest and greatest cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more, demonstrating some of our innovative products, as well as sharing a little bit more of myself through videos and blogs.

As a child, I grew up attending Thanksgiving dinner at my large Italian family’s house in suburban Washington, D.C.  The table with both leafs in extended almost into the living room, and in the Italian tradition of making extreme quantities of food, was covered with a 20-pound (at least!) turkey, salad, at least three or four types of vegetables, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes – and even a pasta dish.  

These days, our dinners are much smaller and a little less crazy, with my family spread out over several states, and some of them no longer with us, but I’m thankful to sit at the table with my parents, my significant other and his two daughters, and share a wonderful meal that we collaboratively cook and try (really hard) to make healthy as well as delicious. Still essential at our table, besides turkey, of course – cranberry sauce from the can, sweet potatoes (although whipped now, not with marshmallows), stuffing, salad, mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts.

As time goes on, families change and grow, and traditions change.  Lately, going to grab the hottest deals happens before the pumpkin pie even hits the table! I hope that you’ll share your family traditions with us, too.  What’s essential on your Thanksgiving table? What are you thankful for? Share in the blog comments below, or on our social media pages.  Follow our blog, as well, and get updates on our blog via email by signing up for our email newsletters here: http://www.empirecovers.com/newsletter-signup.aspx.

On our Pinterest page, our most popular post is an infographic about Grilling your Thanksgiving Turkey. Would you ever grill your Thanksgiving turkey? Take our poll!

Would You Ever Grill Your Thanksgiving Turkey?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving – I’m certainly thankful for you, our EmpireCovers and EmpirePatio customers. Thanks for reading!


Selecting An Affordable Bicycle Cover With Great Protection

As the snow is melting, the option of riding your bicycle is becoming a reality. Selecting a bicycle cover that fits your protective needs is easy with EmpireCovers!

Empire Bicycle Cover

A bike cover is ideal for preserving your bicycle and keeping it clean. All EmpireCovers bicycle covers are breathable to prevent mold and mildew growth. When selecting the right cover for your needs, consider what elements your bike is exposed to. If you live in a dry, sunny area, you may want to consider our sunproof cover. If your bicycle is exposed to rain most of the year, the EmpireCovers waterproof cover may be right for you. Each cover offered on the EmpireCovers website has a full elastic hem to ensure a snug fit.

Waterproof Bike Cover

The EmpireCovers waterproof bicycle cover is made from premium polyester material that is 100% waterproof. The cover holds up great to all weather exposure. You don’t have to worry about leaving your bike outside again! A 3-year warranty ensures ultimate protection against the sun, rain, snow, dust and other elements and debris.

Sunproof Bike Cover

EmpireCovers also offers a UV resistant cover to protect from the sun’s harmful rays. The sunproof bike cover is made from DuPont Tyvek, the same material as some of our car covers. This durable cover is built to last harsh sun, wind and dust. The cover comes with grommets to allow for additional security to the bike. A 3-year warranty means no more burning your buns on a hot bike seat!

In order to get the correct cover size for your bike, you must measure your bike properly. Simply measure the length, height and width of your bike. Once you know the specs of your bike, you’re ready to select the best cover that meets your protection needs.

EmpireCovers Exhibits at the Greater Philadelphia RV Show

Rows of RVs filled the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. From the outside, these glorified houses on wheels may look the same. Once you step inside, you’ll realize there are endless possibilities for luxurious options.

photo 1

Just two weeks after the Philadelphia Auto Show, EmpireCovers had a booth at the Greater Philadelphia RV Show. The Cover Experts took advantage of the weekdays by talking with local RV dealerships and campsites. While we met many friendly people, one person stood out. She was Gale Markey.

The motorhome lifestyle is a family affair for Gale. Gale’s son runs Stoltzfus RV & Marine in West Chester, PA. Her adopted son, who also works at Stoltzfus, was one of the top RV salesmen in the United States. She has almost two decades on the RV sale floor with many more years as an “RVer” herself!

Gale gave the EmpireCovers team a tour of Stoltzfus’ motorhomes from Class A to pop-up campers. Each home had unique features and layouts. It was easy to understand why RVers are so particular about their purchase. Soon, the team was pointing out different layouts they preferred and we turned into RV experts ourselves!

Many RVs and trailers come with a complimentary cover from the manufacturer. These covers are often made from Tyvek or polypropylene. While these are great materials for a car cover, so much material with little reinforcement can compromise protection. EmpireCovers offers premium RV covers made from marine-grade material.

EmpireCovers exclusive line of Premier RV covers are made from 300 denier polyester. Synching and partial elastic hems are available on all models to allow additional security to the RV. Vents and conveniently placed buckle and straps prevent the motorhome cover from billowing in the wind. These 100% waterproof covers also have taped seams for superior moisture protection. Full height zippers allow easy access to the RV while it is covered. An industry leading three year warranty makes this cover the obvious choice in motorhome protection.

Those who attended the Greater Philadelphia RV Show were given an exclusive 35% off coupon code for EmpireCovers. EmpireCovers is attending the Northeast Rod & Custom Car Show at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center on March 21-23. Visitors make sure to stop by EmpireCovers’ booth to get your exclusive discount! Stay up-to-date with us by liking the EmpireCovers Facebook Page!