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3 Reasons To Use A Boat Cover This Spring

A boat is a valuable investment, which makes purchasing a boat cover an obvious choice. There are many reasons for owners to use waterproof boat covers to protect their boat. EmpireCovers highlights the top three reasons to use a boat cover this spring:


1. To prevent damage to your boat’s finish.

Using a boat cover while trailering to your local lake or fishing hole can prevent against minor dents and scratches along the way. A leaf or small branch may seem harmless but sticks and leaves can cause minor abrasions to your boat while traveling at high speeds down the expressway. These minor abrasions can turn into costly restoration for your boat. Rain and tree sap can also cause damage to your boat’s finish if your boat sits outside, which leads us to our next point.

2. To keep debris off of your boat.  

Whether your boat is stored in or outdoors, it is at risk for damage from debris. Leaves, tree sap, dust and exposure to other elements can amplify any imperfections to your boat. A breathable boat cover will prevent these elements from harming your boat and prevent mold and mildew on your boat.

3. To deter thieves and other unwelcome guests.

Thieves typically look for easy targets. If your boat is covered, that is an additional step the thief must take to access your boat and its contents.  The thief will look for another vehicle to break into, which is one reason you need a car cover, too. A boat cover may also deter critters from calling your boat home.


If you had a boat growing up, some of your favorite memories were made on the water. Boats come in many shapes and sizes. There are pontoon boats for leisure time and bass boats for novice fishermen.  EmpireCovers offers covers for boats of many shapes and sizes. These boat covers are guaranteed to fit your boat and offer superior protection.

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