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7 Reasons To Use A Car Cover On New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a special time for everyone to reflect on his or her accomplishments. It’s a new beginning to a new year. New Year’s Eve is also a dangerous time for your car. It is exposed to elements and other hazards that it might not be on any other day of the year.

EmpireCovers wishes everyone a happy New Year! Because we are The Cover Experts, it’s only right that we tell you why you should cover your car on this special day. Here are seven reasons you should protect your car on New Year’s Eve.

Drunken Frat Boys


They’re everywhere, especially on New Year’s Eve, and they aren’t necessarily in a fraternity. When people consume alcohol, they usually make decisions that aren’t the best. Protect your car from rowdy, intoxicated people who are ringing in the New Year with a bang. A car cover will save you money and maybe a fight.

Firework ashes 

Bentley with Driveway Sparklers

Ashes from fireworks contain alkaline and other harmful chemicals. If the ash settles on the car and it is exposed to moisture, your car’s finish can be damaged. Ashes scratch your vehicle’s paint causing irreversible damage. If you do not own a car cover, wash your vehicle immediately to avoid damage. Do not brush the ash off.



We’re not talking about the nudists who live in colonies. We’re talking about that one person. We all have a friend who always seems to lose his or her clothing on New Year’s Eve, or any day for that matter. No one likes butt cheek imprints on their windshield. Let an EmpireCovers car cover protect your innocent car from the people’s privates.



These are so beautiful in the sky and fun to dance in, but not so much for your car. If your car is exposed to confetti for a long period of time (which we assume it will be since you won’t be driving under the influence), the confetti will stick to your car and fade its finish. That’s not a good look.


Yes, it is disgusting but it can happen to anyone. Vomit is extremely acidic which is extremely bad for your car’s finish. Not to mention the foul odor and eyesore.  Gross.



Everyone’s inner rapper comes out on New Year’s Eve. It starts by “popping bottles” and a sick beat. While you may enjoy the taste of the bubbly, your car isn’t so excited. Champagne leaves a sticky mess on your car that’s difficult to remove, plus it’s a total waste of alcohol.



Technically this is a New Year’s Day reason, but it is still relevant. According to USA Today, more cars get stolen on New Year’s Day than any other day of the year. Car covers are an excellent theft deterrent. Learn more about the EmpireCovers anti-theft car covers.


What do you protect your car against on New Year’s Eve? Remember to drink responsibly. Call a cab or arrange for a designated driver if you’re drinking. Happy New Year!