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7 Reasons Why You Need A Car Cover

Protection doesn’t have to be scary. Being unprotected is reckless and can result in unsolicited financial and physical damage, to your car.

There are countless threats that your vehicle is exposed to on a daily basis.

Whether you have a “soccer mom” van or have a classic car, it’s important to protect your assets. We’ve done our research and picked the top 7 hazards to your car that can be protected with an EmpireCovers car cover.

1. Cats


The Internet and some feline obsessed, single women love cats. Your car, however, does not love cats. They can be cute and cuddly but their nails aren’t. Cats can cause your car’s paint to scratch and chip. Me-ouch… EmpireCovers car covers come with a nonabrasive inner lining to deter these pesky kittens.

2. Water / Rain / Snow


We have to include some “boring” elements that you need to protect your vehicle from. Exposure to rain and snow causes your car to rust. Rust isn’t the new red. It looks terrible on cars. Some “waterproof” car covers result in mildew and mold on your car. EmpireCovers’ car covers are 100% waterproof and breathable to prevent this sticky situation.

3. Burglars


Car thieves are a huge problem. Not only do they steal your belongings inside of your vehicle. They smash your windows, punch a hole under the door handle and go to other extremes to get inside. Getting a car cover, not only deters thieves, it is cheaper than your deductible in case of a robbery.

4. The Sun / UV Rays


UV rays aren’t good for your skin or your car. Rays from the sun cause oxidation and premature fading on your car’s paint. The heat causes your car to extremely hot inside and tarnishes its interior. Choosing a sunproof car cover protects your car’s paint and even keeps the interior temperature cool.

5. Children


If you’re a parent, and even if you’re not, you know that children are adventure creatures. They tend to ride their bikes too close to cars. They like to touch just about everything and they somehow always end up playing with a ball by your car. Although it isn’t intentional, children can cause you car (and wallet). A 5 layer car cover may provide the extra protection you need.

6. Dirt / Dust / Debris


Fall is a beautiful time. The leaves are turning and gracefully falling to the ground. While the scenery is beautiful, the damage to your car isn’t. Leaves contain sap, pollen and other acidic elements that diminish your car’s paint. Another threat to your car is dust. Even if your car is parked in a garage, it is exposed to dust. Exposure to dust can result to scratches and chips in your car’s paint. Debris is unable to break through an EmpireCovers car cover, “leaving” your car unharmed.

7. Bird Droppings and Other Unmentionables


We’ve all been there. You park your newly washed car and a bird finds its next target. The next thing you know, your car is covered in bird poop. Another scenario. You’re tailgating and see that a drunken frat boy thinks your truck is a bathroom stall. You already know what happens next. Gross. Maybe now you’re convinced you need a waterproof car cover.

Don’t let risqué and down right dirty behavior cause irreversible damage to you, or your assets. Buying an EmpireCovers vehicle cover is an inexpensive, proactive way to guarantee protection. If your car is exposed to all of these hazards, it may be smart to pick up an all-weather car cover. Yes, we have those, too!