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An Economical Alternative to Car Storage

Car storage is an excellent way to protect your vehicle from the elements, but it is not the most economical solution.

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Indoor car storage has many benefits to your vehicle. Your car will be protected from rain, snow, UV rays and other elements. Since you won’t be driving your car, it should remain in the same condition you parked it in. Choosing to rent storage for your car will also leave extra space in your garage, if you have one.

Placing your vehicle in storage also has its disadvantages. While car storage protects your vehicle, it puts a dent in your wallet; car storage can be extremely expensive, especially when choosing a climate controlled storage unit. It can also be difficult to access your vehicle once it is placed in storage. Often times there are set hours and times when you are allowed to access your unit.

Before renting an indoor car storage unit, consider this affordable alternative – a car cover. When your car is stored indoors or outdoors, a car cover is a great way to protect your vehicle from the elements.


EmpireCovers offers a variety of car covers to meet any budget. Selecting the best EmpireCovers car cover for your needs is easier than ever! Simply enter your vehicle’s make, year and model then you can see which car cover fits your protection needs. The five star rating system shows how each cover protects against an element. If your vehicle is stored outdoors, it is important to purchase an all-weather vehicle cover like the EmpireCovers American Armor car cover.

Carports are also an affordable solution for car storage. All EmpireCovers carports are made of steel and durable polyethylene fabric for superior protection from the elements.

Even if you’ve already chosen car storage, a car cover can help keep your vehicle in pristine condition. When your car is in indoor storage or a garage, it is still exposed to dust and debris. The EmpireCovers Titan Indoor Car Cover is a perfect solution for protection against indoor elements like dust.