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Brace Yourself, More Leaves Are Coming

It’s officially fall. With September, October and November comes Autumn, bringing cooler temperatures, pumpkin flavored everything, and of course, gorgeous fall foliage. Brilliant yellow, orange, and red leaves fall from the trees in a beautiful cascade, gently landing on the ground.

Fast forward to mid-October. Soggy, dirty built up mounds of leaves are clogging gutters, creating slippery, hazardous patches on the road, and of course, leaving that familiar leaf-shaped print on cars and patio sets. Leaves no longer become picturesque, but instead, pesky.

For some, a few leafy patterns on their car’s pristine paint job isn’t a big deal. However, it should be. As a main source of nutrition for trees, leaves store food and water. The coating on leaves, while waxy in appearance, are loaded with sap, pollen, and acidic properties that all contribute to the mess left on your car or patio set. The outline of a leaf will be difficult to remove, requiring a car wax, or even a new paint job. That’s why it’s crucial to protect against leaf damage!

This fall, Empire Covers wants you to be proactive! Start with a good car wash- either at home or by professionals. The next step is one of our durable covers. After purchasing and receiving a cover, use the included buckles and straps to keep a snug fit on your car. Consider bungee cords or gust guards if you’re storing your vehicle for an extended period of time.

Remember that leaves aren’t the only fall hazard. Saps, seeds, bird droppings, and insects are other problematic Autumn issues. Our covers will provide the same protection against these potential damaging elements.

If you’re utilizing our patio covers to prevent leaf damage, look into storing your furniture in a basement, garage or storage unit. Be sure to use our covers even if your furniture is kept indoors- it will help prevent dust, dirt and other debris from building up. If it’s not an option, our covers will protect your patio with incredible, high-quality materials.

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