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Can Your Car Be Hacked?

Step aside, car thieves. There’s a new threat in town.

Hackers are now targeting cars. That’s right. Computer hackers aren’t just stealing your personal information anymore.

Researchers at the Black Hat and DefCon computer security conferences in Las Vegas showcased how vulnerable your car may be. With one click, the researchers completely immobilized a Toyota Prius and Ford Escape. The brakes and steering on both vehicles were disabled. They were also able to manipulate the speed and gas gauge displays.


While both cars were hybrids, the unsettling fact is these vehicles are already on the roads.  Modern cars have up to 40 computers, giving hackers more opportunities to breech your car’s security system. Once hackers have access to one computer, the safety of the entire vehicle is compromised.

Theoretically, hackers can take complete control of a vehicle and the results can be deadly. This is a major setback for the future of driverless cars. Although driverless cars won’t hit the roads for years to come, it’s a wake up call for vehicles that are on the road today.

It’s important to protect what you can. Purchasing an EmpireCovers’ car cover for your vehicle can deter thieves from breaking into your car. You can also buy a cable and lock kit for added security.