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Chevrolet Volt Car Covers by EmpireCovers

Electric cars are the latest craze, but what exactly needs to be done to care and maintain your eco-friendly ride? While EmpireCovers hasn’t quite developed a solar panel car cover, we can protect your assets while you reduce your carbon footprint.

Although EmpireCovers car covers are semi-custom fit for high quality products at low prices, we made a modification for the Chevy Volt, without compromising the affordable price tag. EmpireCovers’ Volt car cover is made with a Velcro panel to allow your car to charge while it is covered.

This Made-in-USA cover is a great fit for your American car. Our American Max Car Cover offers great protection from the harsh sun, heavy rains and brutal winter. Dust is no match for this cover. Its 3 thick layers of Endura Plus™ material make it water resistant, yet allows moisture to evaporate to prevent rot and mildew.

The Velcro panel allows easy access to charge your Chevy Volt while it’s being protected. Built-in grommets and a full elastic hem make this cover ideal for daily use. This cover is also backed by a 7-year warranty!

Someone from the EmpireCovers team recently purchased a Chevy Volt, and let us put our cover to the test.

As you can see, this cover was made to fit a Chevy Volt. The double-stitched seams hug the Volt’s unique curves for ultimate protection. Protect your car while you protect the environment.

Do you have another type of hybrid car? EmpireCovers’ car covers fit 99% of all vehicles! Check out EmpireCovers’ wide variety of car covers!