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Choosing A Waterproof Car Cover

When you think of things that damage your car, the last thing on your list is probably water. After all, you do use it to wash your car.

Exposing your car to water over a long period of time can cause irreversible damage to its exterior. Acid rain can erode your vehicle’s finish. Condensation on your car results in mold and mildew. All of which can cause your vehicle’s paint to chip and exposed metal to rust.

Simply adding a 100% waterproof car cover is a great way to prevent these effects from happening to your vehicle. It is important to do your research when looking for a waterproof cover. Many companies sell water repellent covers, which trap condensation and damage your car. To ensure the best protection for your vehicle, purchase a 100% waterproof, breathable car cover.

EmpireCovers has three 100% waterproof car covers:

American Armor: If you read our blog, or you’re an EmpireCovers’ customer, you know all about our all-American car cover. This is our top-line, all-weather protector. Its Dupont Tyvek outer layer holds up against the harshest weather conditions, and a microfiber inner layer to protect your paint job. The cover is also breathable to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Titan V 5L: This cover has five ultrasonically welded layers to ensure 100% waterproof protection. Made of waterproof Polypropylene material, this cover can withstand downpours. It is also breathable to stop mold and mildew.

Empire Waterproof Car Cover: It is all in the title. This waterproof cover’s micro-pore technology protects against rain and allows condensation to escape as evaporated gas. Most “waterproof” covers are actually water repellent. Water repellent covers stop water from entering but trap condensation, which damages your vehicle’s paint.

Choosing the right car cover for your needs is simple. Enter the make, year and model of your vehicle on our website and we’ll choose the best size. To the right of each product is a protection level scale. Consider where you live and what elements your vehicle is exposed to. You can hover your mouse over the product for more information or click on the product for full details. Once you’ve picked your favorite, simply add the item to your cart and go through EmpireCovers’ fast, easy checkout.