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Empire Classics, the VW Van & Camper

 The Volkswagen Van is one of the most iconic vehicles in history.  After seeing this authentic VW Camper at the New Hope Auto Show, we got Volkswagen fever.  This beautiful restoration still has the vintage, classic VW interior:

We all know the history of the VW Buses, Vans and Campers. Known throughout pop culture as “the hippie van”, the oversized VWs quickly gained popularity throughout the 60′s. Many were customized with peace signs, oversized flowers, and bright colors. In those days, they definitely could have used a cover! Today, there continues to be a large community of VW Bus and Camper fans.

Like any classic car, there are hundreds of VW groups and organizations. Some VW fans restore the vehicles to their former glory, while others choose to completely customize their VW. We were curious about the continuing support for VW Vans and Campers, so we sought out the most creative VWs. What we found were some of the brightest, most unique looking VW Vans we’ve ever seen!


“Pretty as a Posey”
“Medic Van”
“Mellow Yellow”
“Convertible VW”
“Travel Size”
“Shiny and New”
“Wheels on the Bus”
“The Dark Knight”


Would you customize a classic VW? Which VW Van is your favorite?