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Empire Covers at the Media Car Show

Media is a small town outside the city of Philadelphia, with a homey, close-knit family feel. Practically out of a Norman Rockwell painting, downtown Media has a variety of local, family owned businesses. Media has all the makings of a classic American town, and is credited as America’s First Fair Trade Town.

Hundreds of family friendly events are hosted in Media every year. The Temaki Sushi bar on Olive Street has a Bring Your Dog to Dinner night. Every Thursday from May 10 through November, there’s a local Farmer’s Market, featuring fresh fruit and vegetables. On July 15th, 2012, EmpireCovers.com checked out the 2012 Media Car Show.

Hundreds of classic cars were lined up and down the city blocks, enchanting the visitors and car enthusiasts alike. Even to someone who isn’t familiar with classic cars could appreciate the beauty of a shiny, near mint 1966 Ford Mustang.  For classic car gurus, it was a paradise of circa 1960 & 1950 automobiles, ranging from Chevrolet, Ford, Porsche, Dodge, and many more.

The car show featured automobiles from local classic car owners. Car clubs such as Delco Cruisers came to show off their impressive collection of vintage automobiles. Founded in 2007, Delco Cruisers is an all-inclusive club that allows members with all make/models of classic cars to join.

Check out the classic cars we saw at the 2012 Media Car Show. Be sure to visit EmpireCovers.com to find quality covers for classic cars.