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Empire Patio: The High Line, the Ultimate Urban Green Space

Scenic. Meticulous. Charming. It’s not a surprise that these words would be used to describe a popular area of Manhattan, but it may be surprising that it’s used to describe a public park. A park, actually, that isn’t Central Park.

High Line Park, a public park owned by the City of New York, is easily one of the most scenic, meticulous, and charming urban green spaces. The park, maintained by the Friends of the High Line, was founded in 1999. Once a railway, the space had been unoccupied for years, and narrowly avoided being demolished. Luckily, local residents saved the area by opting for a public park. Since, the park has revitalized the Chelsea neighborhood, encouraging even more development in the neighborhood.  Spanning over a mile long, the park provides a safe green area where locals and tourists alike can relax, cool off, and even catch a nap.

Green spaces are preserved and constructed every year in overpopulated, urban areas. Besides the attractive scenery, green spaces also provide crucial outdoor entertainment areas for urbanites of all ages. In a place where parks, yards, and playgrounds are few and far between, green spaces provide a necessary oasis. The High Line is no exception, and is a true escape from hectic city life.

The High Line has a variety of unique architectural features that contribute to it’s overall beauty and function. Built in chaise lounge chairs, modern looking park benches, and even an innovative “water walkway” that allows bare feet are a few incredible amenities. Hungry? No problem- you can grab a light lunch from a variety of food vendors at The High Line, including Bark Hot Dogs, Blue Bottle Coffee, Melt Bakery, People’s Pops, and The Taco Truck.

What do you think of The High Line in Chelsea?

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