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EmpireCovers Highlights On This Day In 1959

On August 26, 1959, British Motor Corporation (BMC) introduced the Mark I Mini. This small car can with an even smaller price tag – $800, making it one of the best selling British cars.



The Mark I Mini was three years in the making. In 1956, in the mist of fuel shortages and gasoline rationing, Sir Leonard Lord, head of BMC, began looking for British alternatives to the compact, fuel-efficient German cars on the market. Those involved in creating and designing the Mini were sworn to secrecy. It took less than three years to make the Mini and on August 26, 1959, the Mark I Mini was on the market.

The Mini was marketed as the Austin Seven and Morris Mini-Minor; the only difference between the two was the radiator grille. By 1962, they were both known was the Mini. While it was small and fuel-efficient, the Mini comfortably sat 4 adults. Its “mini” price tag made it a popular car. Londoners also purchased the Mini as a second car because it was easy to drive through the city’s congested roads.

Production of the Mini stopped in 2000. Over 5 million Minis were produced since its start. Whether your Mini is new or old, EmpireCovers wants you to Protect Your Assets. We’ve got a variety of covers to keep your Mini protected for years to come. Find the EmpireCovers Mini car cover that is right for you.