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EmpireCovers Sponsors A Porsche 911 GT3 Cup

Last month, the EmpireCovers crew was racing around in Ferarris and Lamborghinis. This month, we’re interviewing our Porsche racing driver, Tim Holt. That’s right! EmpireCovers is the official sponsor of Tim Holt Racing’s 2007 Porsche GT3 Cup.

EmpireCovers Porsche

When we arrived at Holt Motorsports, we were immersed in a sea of polished Porsches. Among the red, the white and the silver beauties, we saw a black Porsche with a need for speed and EmpireCovers written all over it, literally. After walking through the showroom, we sat down with Tim to talk racing and how he protects his assets.

Do you remember your first race?

Clearly. Yes. Absolutely! It was at Pocono Raceway. It was completely different car that was 1,200lb and 200 horsepower. I was 15 years old and a little nervous because I had just got my racing license and I was racing against guys that were 35. I thought I wouldn’t do well at all but then I ended up winning! That’s when it all happened and the addiction started. Everything I’ve done since then has been to get more tires, racing fuel and faster cars. I remember that day clearly. It was a great day, all thanks to my dad.

What is the biggest challenge transitioning from salesman to racer?

That’s a really good question. That one is really making me think. Racing is mental and physical. I have to prepare for races physically and mentally. I usually ride my bike at least 30 miles every day and I hit the gym. I can sit in the office all day and answer calls and sell Porsches. It isn’t easy to sit in the car while you race. It’s hard physically because of the adrenaline but mentally, too. I am inches away from the guy next to me, thinking, “he better not mess up. I hope he doesn’t mess up,” then I think, “Well I better not mess up!”

How do you care for the Porsches you race?

After every race I change all the fluids, brake pads, rotors and other wear items. Every other race, I disassemble the car down to the motor and make sure everything is in spec and it working correctly. This is all done with the help of Holt Motorsports, Dawe’s Motorsports Devlopment and of course, EmpireCovers!

IMG_0026What is your favorite part about your EmpireCovers’ car cover?

Well the best part is that is actually fits the Porsche. Some Porsches have whaletails, but the EmpireCovers’ Porsche one is bigger than that. I was hesitant that the cover would fit, but it actually fits great. I look at other Porsches I compete against, and their covers don’t look as good as mine.

There was one race, where there was a downpour. It was storming bad. When I got to the track, I figured the cover would be gone because that’s what happened with other covers I’ve used before. Not only was my cover securely on the car, my car was also completely dry. Other drivers had mildew starting to grow because their covers couldn’t handle the storm. I mean it rained hard. I was shocked that my [American Armor] cover held up.

Check out Tim put on his American Armor EmpireCovers car cover: