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Get Your RV Ready for Winter

The leaves are falling and the temperatures are dropping- it’s almost time to park or store your RV for the winter. Winterizing your RV can be a daunting task, but in the end, extremely worthwhile. Taking the proper steps to winterize your RV can ensure that it will remain in great condition until it’s next use.

We’ve compiled a basic winterization process for various parts of your RV or camper. Remember, certain make and models may vary. Consult with your manufacturer or owner’s guide before beginning the winterization process.

 The Water System

Freezing water and liquids will damage your RV’s pipes, drains, etc. Water must be drained before the temperatures drop!

  • Turn off the water heater, remove water with a drain valve.
  • Drain the water tank, use a drinkable RV antifreeze to fill the tank. Makes sure the antifreeze is drinkable.
  • Run the water, flush the toilet, turn on faucets to make sure the antifreeze is moving through the system.
  • Be sure to double check with your RV manufacturer for specific instructions with how to winterize your water system. Different models may vary.

 The Tires

It’s important to keep your RV road ready- even in the winter. Taking care of your RV, specifically the tires, before winter begins will ensure that your RV will be in great shape for the warmer weather.

  • Make sure the RV is sitting level by inflating tires to maximum capacity.
  • Rinse tires of any stones or debris using a garden hose. For caked on material, extra soap and elbow grease may be needed.
  • Let tires air dry.
  • Cover the tires to prevent any possible build up of snow, dirt or mud during winter months.

The Interior

Even if your RV is closed and locked, pests such as mice, insects and birds may find their way inside. Be sure to go through the necessary steps to completely clean out your RV before winter.

  • Completely clear out the RV of any kind of food. Remember that mice and other pests will also eat inedible objects such as paper and cardboard.
  • Clean out appliances including fridge, stove and microwave. After appliances are cleaned, unplug them.
  • Vacuum and dust the entire interior of the RV. Don’t forget to vacuum behind, under and inside of cabinets, seats, and beds.
  • Close all windows and air vents.

The Exterior

 Remember that long term build up of dirt, road salt, sand and other debris can damage your RV over the winter months. It’s important to completely clean off your RV prior to parking and storing during cooler temperatures.

  • Rinse your RV front of back using cool water. Be sure to pay extra attention to the windshield, and other areas that will hold more debris.
  • Use a proper car washing liquid found at automotive retailers to wash your RV. It’s vital to only use cleaning materials specifically made for washing cars. Use a ladder to reach higher areas.
  • Completely rinse off your RV of any soap. Allow to air dry.
  • Cover your RV using Empire’s innovative, durable materials. A good RV cover will ensure that your RV will stay clean until the Spring. Be sure to use the included straps to get a tight fit.

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