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How-To Assemble an EmpireCovers Carport

Empire Covers Carport

Frequent visitors of EmpireCovers.com may have noticed an addition to the site. EmpireCovers is constantly broadening our areas of expertise while creating products to ensure the best vehicle protection on the market. We’re now selling carports!

Our multifunctional carports come in a variety of sizes, that can comfortably store cars, trucks, boats, RVs, motorcycles, jet skis, bicycles, scooters and more. Carports are a simple way to create a semi-permanent, protective structure and assembly may be easier than you think.

To make the most of your EmpireCovers carport, you will need to know how to assemble it properly. We cannot stress enough that you must read the detailed instructions that come with your carport for the best results. Here is our brief version of the instruction manual:

  1. Grab your toolbox, a ladder and a friend; Do not assemble alone.
  2. Organize all of the parts and read all of the instructions
  3. Begin constructing the arches
    • Attached the legs and horizontal poles to the arches
    • Stand up the frames and have a friend help you attach them
    • Install cross support poles for structural integrity
  4. Attach second set of horizontal poles
  5. Attach the rear arch to the rest of the structure
  6. Assemble the top horizontal support pole
    • Attach the middle
    • Attach the ends
  7. Congratulations! The frame is now complete!

Now it is time to install the covers.

  1. A few bolts will need to be undo to slip-on the front and read covers
  2. Pull the drawstrings as tight as possible
  3. Put caps on the poles so critters don’t get in
  4. Install the top cover
    • Make sure to tie the drawstrings as tight as possible
    • Tie the rope to your end loop
    • Thread the rope through the holes and pull very tight
  5. Again, make sure the ropes and drawstrings are pulled as tight as possible.
  6. You are finished assembling your Empire Covers carport!
  7. Stand back and admire your handy work.

Check out our instructional video on how to assemble an EmpireCovers carport!

If you still have any questions, call 888-872-6855 or live chat with our customer service department.