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How To Cover Your Pontoon Boat

Pontoon boats are a great way to relax and spend time with family and friends. Boating season is coming to an end for those of us who live in the northern part of the US. It is time to start thinking about how you’ll protect your pontoon after it’s out of the water.

If your pontoon is left outside, the elements can cause severe damage. You may leave your pontoon boat uncovered in a garage. Storing your pontoon boat in a garage protects against the elements, but your boat can still be exposed to other harmful factors, such as cats, dust and more. Wrapping your pontoon and paying storage fees can get expensive. Choosing a semi-custom pontoon boat cover may be the best option on the market.

EmpireCovers pontoon covers are high quality, waterproof pontoon covers, designed to fit almost any make and model. Our pontoon covers fit boats ranging from 17’-28’ long. All of our pontoon boat covers have multiple tie downs, buckles and straps for guaranteed protection against the sun, wind, rain and snow.

600 Denier: Durable Pontoon Boat Cover


Please use EmpireCovers’ pontoon cover selector to find which size fits your pontoon best. All you need to know is the make, year and model. Our selector will suggest a size based on manufacturer specs. For the best possible fit, please take a measurement of your pontoon.

How To Measure A Pontoon Boat

First, take a measurement of the length. This measurement ranges from the tip of the bow to the tip of the parallel bow. Next, measure the beam width, or rail to rail. Once you have these measurements, you can make the appropriate selection on our website or call customer service at 888-872-6855.