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How To Prevent Your Boat Cover From Pooling

Buying a boat cover is one of the best ways to care for your boat, especially during the winter months. Applying a boat cover is easy to use and provides ultimate protection from the snow, rain, sun and other elements. Being aware and caring for your EmpireCovers boat cover will help protect your investment even further.

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Pooling occurs when heavy rain or snow accumulates onto your boat cover and does not run off. The material begins to stretch causing the tightly woven fibers to spread apart as a direct result from the weight of the water or snow. Once those fibers are stretched there is a greater risk of water leaking through the cover. This ultimately compromises the covers protection.

Adding support poles to your cover is an affordable solution to pooling. Support poles can be added to any boat, anywhere. It is important to choose poles with a rubber base to keep the pole secure on the boat’s floor. A plastic dome at the top will support the boat cover without causing damage. EmpireCovers offers an ideal aluminum tension rod that adjusts between 26” and 64”.

If you have a V-Hull boat, EmpireCovers has a unique boat cover support system to prevent pooling. This system is specifically designed to support the full length of your cover. The flexible placement positions and adjusts make this a complement to any V-Hull boat under 27 free long. Installation is hassle-free making your cover installation a cinch.


Whether you’re protecting a pontoon or a fishing boat, adding support to your boat cover will increase its longevity. The EmpireCovers support poles or boat cover support system is economical ways to protect your investment. For more tips on how to care for your boat during the winter, check out Brandon Card’s 7 Steps for Winter Bass Boat Storage.