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Jaguar Chills in Chelsea

At Empire, we all have our favorite brand of cars. For our Search Marketing Assistant Claire, it’s Infiniti. Our PPC Analyst Ashley loves Porsche. Our Creative Director Donna prefers Volvo, and our SEO/Social Media Manager Melissa loves Jaguar. In light of this, we decided to send Melissa to the Jaguar #ChillNY event in Manhattan on Friday.

The Rochester, NY native used her experience with cold temperatures to brave the Jaguar #ChillNY snowglobe. She also checked out the newest model of Jaguar AWD, visited Chelsea’s famous “High Line” urban park, and met up with Olympic Ice Skater Johnny Weir. In spite of the 90+ degree temperatures, she had the opportunity to “chill out” and check out some truly innovative Jaguars. Here’s what she had to say about the culture of Jaguar, seeing snow in Chelsea in the middle of August, and meeting the 2008 World’s bronze medalist.

“I love Jaguars,” Melissa says about the British based automotive brand. “I’ve always been a fan of the Range Rover, but find their new all wheel drive cars incredible. I’m used to snow and ice, dealing with really hazardous wintery conditions. They’ve taken the best design aspects of their sportier cars and combined it with really functional, innovative features.”

Jaguar’s AWD XJ, Courtesy of the Jaguar USA Press Page

Indeed they have. The newer AWD Jaguars boast luxurious features such as “precipitation sensing” windshield wipers, diamond turned rims, and audible sensors used for safer parking. In addition to the high standard of features Jaguar has always had for their vehicles, the new AWD Jaguars are designed for function as well. The cars offer a completely unique fuel distribution system, allowing the driver to get additional fuel efficiency. Regardless of your climate, the JaguarDrive Control™ is standard on all AWD Jaguars. The JaguarDrive Control™ allows the driver maximum control in more difficult weather conditions, contributing to a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.

So what does that have to do with snow in the middle of August? Jaguar provided a fun and free space for local residents to “cool off” in the record setting summer temperatures. Attractions included frozen treats from Handsome Dan’s Snowcones, complimentary iced coffee and drinks from The Mud Truck, a sneak peek at the newest AWD Jaguars and of course, a giant snowglobe with an ice skating rink. The event was located in the middle of Chelsea, just beneath the famous High Line urban park and patio space. On a sweltering day in August, Melissa called the community event “perfect”, and meeting the Olympic medalist Weir,  “Once in a lifetime!”.

What do you think of Jaguar’s new AWD cars?