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Repurposing Planes, Trains & Automobiles

V8 Engine from a ’69 Camaro

Here at Empire, we’re huge fans of classic cars, as well as believers in reusing materials. Looking to incorporate this into our office space, we decided to get this one of a kind coffee table. Made from the engine of a ’69 Camaro, the table is sleek and sophisticated- not to mention over 300 lbs! Our innovative coffee table got us to thinking about other ways to reuse auto and marine parts.

How would you like to sit at a desk made from an airplane? Would you carry around a backpack made from a sailboat sail? Repurposed mechanical parts are more popular than ever. Everything from airplane cowlings to old oars are used to create unique home goods, decor, furniture, clothing, accessories and more. Here are some amazing ways cars, boats, planes and trains have been repurposed:


Office Desk from a B-747

747 Cowling Desk, Courtesy of MotoArt.com

Chances are, you’d feel sky high if you worked at this desk. Made from an old B-747, cowling desks are extremely difficult to get. We’re envious of anyone who’s got one in their office!


Car Wheel Ottoman

Ottoman made with a car wheel, Courtesy of VWVortex.com

 Kick your feet up on this awesome ottoman! The perfect gift for any car enthusiast’s home or office.


Vintage Sail Duffle Bag

Vintage Dacron Sail Bag, Courtesy of SeaBags.com

This duffel bag is one of many bags, backpacks, purses and more made from old sailboat sails.


Starbucks made from Shipping Containers

Starbucks Sustainable Containers, Courtesy of the Starbucks Blog

 Starbucks, always focusing on innovation, constructed this drive thru Starbucks using shipping containers.


House from a Victorian Train

House from Victorian Train, Courtesy of UK Daily Mail

 This UK home was constructed from an authentic Victorian Train. Two 40 ft carriers make up the 85 year old house.

How do you reuse materials?

You can reuse our durable, waterproof, UV treated covers for just about anything!