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Snow(mobiles) in July

In unreasonably hot weather, it’s easy to look forward to crisper, cooler temperatures. As temperatures rise, we long for autumn leaves, cool breezes and of course, snow. At the EmpireCovers.com offices in Eastern PA, we’re used to getting a lot of snow in the colder months. In July, obviously not so much.

This time of year, we’re cranking up the AC and trying to beat the heat with handheld fans and ice cold drinks. As we’re melting like popsicles, we dream of taking our snowmobiles and sleds out of storage. We envy those in colder climates, such as countries in the Southern Hemisphere, that are seeing snow and ice this time of year.

At the Empire office, we’ve already started to talk about our favorite winter activities, such as skiing, ice-skating, sledding, and of course, snowmobiling.   Besides the sweltering heat, our longing for winter was likely inspired by the Harley-Davidson snowmobile we spotted a few weeks ago. During Empire’s visit to Gettysburg Bike Week, we came across a vintage Harley snowmobile.

Wherever you are, whether it be San Francisco or Sydney, you’ve likely heard of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. Founded by William S. Harley in 1901, there are nearly 900 Harley-Davidson dealers in the U.S. to date. The company has a massive worldwide fan community, with groups such as the Harlistas, Harley Women Riders and the Iron Elite. Harley-Davidson has become a household name, so it isn’t surprising that they’ve sold more than just motorcycles.

Sold briefly in the early 1970′s, the Harley-Davidson Snowmobile is now a valued collectible. The company, owned by AMF at the time, released their first snowmobile in 1971 to meet popular demand. Advertised as being built with a Harley engine, the snowmobile was created to compete with other popular snowmobile brands of the time. Harley quickly followed up in 1972 with pull along sleds. However, failing to make an impression in the snowmobile industry, Harley ceased production in 1975. Since, the Harley-Davidson snowmobile and pull along sled (pictured below) have been treasured collectibles.


What’s your favorite vintage find? 

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