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The EmpireCovers Team Drive A Ferrari & Lamborghini in Philadelphia

Car covers aren’t the first things you think of when you hear the word “luxury.” How about Lamborghini? Ferrari? Well the EmpireCovers team got a chance to drive these lavish cars.

EmpireCovers CEO, Jake Goldblum, was practically speechless after driving the red Ferrari F430 Spyder. When asked about his experience, his only words were, “That was awesome! Cowabunga!”

Robert Brous, SEM and Business Development Specialist, and Scott Shemtov, eCommerce Web Analytics Specialist, also filled their need for speed driving the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder and Ferrari, respectively. Our adrenaline was pumping and we all joked about who was the best driver. From the straightaways to the curves, we all had a great time.

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After my turn behind the wheel of the Lamborghini, I got a chance to talk to the Gotham Dream Cars manager, Mike Pytlar, who confirmed I was the best driver of the group. Okay, he didn’t say that but I know he was thinking it.  He did have some great answers to my questions.

This isn’t necessarily a question but I wanted to thank you for having cars with an automatic transmission. I can’t drive a stick shift, so I was a little said when I thought I wouldn’t be able to drive a Lamborghini. Do you get that a lot?

Well, none of our cars are stick. A lot of people who come in here can drive a stick, but not a Ferrari stick shift. It’s different driving down the highway at a normal speed than driving in a racecourse at a high speed. So to answer your question, yes. We do get a lot of people in here who cannot drive a stick on these cars.

We see that Gotham Dream Cars rent your luxury cars for weddings, anniversary presents and other events. Has there been an outrageous request or unique occasion that someone rented a car for?

That depends on your definition of outrageous. We did have a client who rented one of our cars for one week. He drove it from New York to California and back. Just the rental cost him $65,000. I bet he had a great trip though!

One of our favorite things about Gotham Dream Cars is that you make driving a luxury car affordable to the general public. EmpireCovers was built to make protecting your assets inexpensive. How do you protect your vehicles?

We store them in the trailer when we’re traveling. As soon as a car is back at the warehouse, it is detailed. Whether it is rented, drove in the Dream Car Sprint or tour, it is detailed. We like to keep our cars are clean and maintained as possible.


Check out Jake’s in-car video: