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The Top 10 Bumper Stickers of All-Time


Bumper stickers. It’s nice break when you’re on a long, boring drive or stuck in traffic and seeing something that, for a second, makes you laugh, think or at the very least, distracts you from reality. For decades, bumper stickers have provided us with a quick chuckle, inspiration or general silliness while on the road. Millions have been made and have graced every type of vehicle (except if you have one on your Lamborghini, then you have some serious problems). We at Empire Covers have searched the Internet far and wide to bring you the best 10 bumper sticker’s out there today:

10.  Civilization would continue, just without the luxury of vehicles or basketball dunks.


9.  Never knew stickers had that kind of power.


8. Can’t wait for the newest member of the family, Kick.


7.  Must work in retail.


6.  Sweet truck!  Hey, what are you doing this Saturday?


5.  Will do, madam (assuming…probably correctly).



4.  Good point. Can also be true for elderly people who are driving in the passenger seat while looking out the window and sitting on there dog.  Concentrate on the road please, Nanna.



3.  Somebody’s making a fortune over those things.



2.  And if you’re illiterate, then the joke’s on you I guess.



1.  Funny?  Yes.  True?  Double yes.



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