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What’s in a Boat Name?

The Minnow. The Titanic. The Mayflower. Iconic boat names throughout history and popular culture. So what’s in a boat name? We compiled the most overused yet hilarious boat names in our recent boat infographic. And yet,during our trip to the Atlantic City In-Water Boat show, we came across a few unusual boat names we hadn’t heard of.

Spotted in Atlantic City- the “No Drama”

A clever play on words- the “Broke-Lynn”. Brooklyn. Get it?

The “Scandalous”

All the boat names got us thinking- what would we name a boat? Although we don’t have any boat owners at the Empire Office, we pooled the staff and asked them to name some of the incredible new 2013 models we saw while at the Atlantic City In-Water Boat Show. When it comes to original boat names, we’ve got you covered- just like with our actual covers! Remember- it’s only bad luck to change the name of already named boats!

Our PPC Analyst Ashley named this sleek, navy blue Sea Hunt “Mermaid Magic”.

“Mermaid Magic”

 Empire’s Sales Manager, Chad, cleverly named this Bennington pontoon boat “Yacht Sea”.

“Yacht Sea”

Rachel from Sales channeled her inner Andy Samberg and named this yellow Tidewater, “I’m on a…”

“I’m on a…”

Sales team member Alex must be a Johnny Depp fan. He dubbed this Sea Hunt as “The Black Pearl”.

“The Black Pearl”

Our Returns Manager Dave named this one the “S.S. Runham”.

“SS Rumham”

Natalie from Sales went Zoolander and named this Scout, “Blue Steel”.

“Blue Steel”

Our CEO Jake named this red Sea Fox, “My Brilliance”. Oh, Jake!

“My Brilliance”

 Our social media manager Melissa is a Star Wars fan. She named this Tidewater the “Millenium Flounder”.

“Millenium Flounder”

 What would you name a boat?