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What Size Bimini Do I Need?

Like boats, bimini tops come in many shapes and sizes. From bass fishing to pontoons, we’ve got you covered.

EmpireCovers’ bimini tops come partially assembled, with clear directions, to guarantee easy installation. Proper measurements provide a near custom fit with our 2 bow, 3 bow or 4 bow bimini tops. Choose a blue, burgundy, tan, white or grey bimini top for your boat.


Measuring What Size Bimini Top Fits Your Boat

The first thing to consider when measuring your boat is what portion your want your bimini top to cover. This area will vary depending on personal preference and use. Use a measure tape to determine the length and record this amount.

Find the center mounting points for your bimini top. Measure the distance between these mounting points to determine the width. Please note, this measurement is not the same as the beam width of your boat. Choose the width that is closest your mounting point measurement.

Now, measure the desired height of your bimini top. This measurement should be taken from the mounting point to the desired height, not from the floor of your boat. This measurement should be the minimum headroom clearance you prefer.


EmpireCovers created a bimini top selector to help choose a bimini for your boat, however, this selector only takes the manufacturers’ maximum stated beam widths of your boat. This width may or may not be the same as where you prefer to mount your bimini. It is important to use your own measurements when selecting a width for your bimini top.

We cannot stress enough to measure the length, height and beam width before placing your order. Also consider color when choosing your bimini top. EmpireCovers takes pride in selling high quality bimini tops. Due to the packaging having many small parts, bimini tops have a 20% restocking fee, to ensure it will be fit for re-sell. Please read EmpireCovers’ return policy with any questions.

If you have any questions about your bimini purchase, please call our customer service department at 888-872-6855.