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What Size Cover Fits A Class A RV

It isn’t a one-size fits all deal. While Class A motorhomes are large, they can vary greatly in length. EmpireCovers sells distinctive covers sure to fit almost every Class A motorhome. Choosing the right cover for your needs will depend on the size of your RV and where it will be stored.

EmpireCovers Class A RV Cover

All EmpireCovers’ Class A covers are 110” wide x 114” tall. In order to receive the best fit for your RV, measure from the front bumper straight back to the rear bumper. If a spare tire or ladder reaches past the rear, please add this additional length into your measurement. To measure the height of your RV, measure from the base to the roof. Do not include AC units, vents, satellites, etc. Now you are able to select the best size for your motorhome. Below is a full list of EmpireCovers’ Class A RV covers:

Size A fits most RVs up to 24’ long

Size B fits most RVs 24’ – 27’ long

Size C fits most RVs 27’ – 30’ long

Size D fits most RVs 30’ – 33’ long

Size E fits most RVs 33’ – 37’ long

Size F fits most RVs 37’ – 40’ long

Size G fits most RVs 40’ – 43’ long

Now that you’ve found the best size cover for your motorhome, it is time to select the type of cover. EmpireCovers offers two types of RV covers. Both covers have a full elastic hem around the entire cover to ensure a tight fit, tie down grommets for additional security, and an antenna patch. Our RV covers also come with full height zippered panels for complete access to your motorhome while it is covered. These covers also have air vents to prevent the cover from flapping.

ProTECHtor Class A RV Covers

This EmpireCovers motorhome cover has a top panel made from triple-layer water resistant material to protect against sun, dirt and dust. Single-layer side panels are made from ProTECHtor material, which is lightweight and easy to use. This cover is great for indoor storage.

Premier Class A RV Covers

EmpireCovers’ exclusive Premier RV cover is made from a durable 300-denier polyester to provide all-weather protection. This cover is 100% waterproof to prevent mold and mildew growth. An added coating of Durable Water Repellent (DWR) ensures ultimate water protection. Our Premier motorhome cover is great for long-term outdoor storage.

If you’re still unsure which cover fits best for your RV needs, please contact the EmpireCovers customer service team at 888-872-6855.

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